Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Attempt

My mom gave me this oven sometime ago but I didn't have the motivation (and guts) to take it out of its box before. So it sat in my storeroom for a few weeks amidst other goodies, i.e long time ago wedding gifts like rice cookers and irons *grin* still secured in their packages/boxes (the gift wrappers dah unwrapped-lah of course).

The Butt3rfly Oven

It comes in black only. Hmmm... I don't think there are other colors except black. It has two adjustable shelves and two handles on the top left and right, for transporting purposes.

It has a squarish-cubic shape and it's not very heavy to carry.

Once I had a craving for something chocolatey and homemade. I didn't want to ask my mom to bake me something coz then she'll know that I never bothered to cuba-try-test her gift. Merajuk nanti susah nak pujuk oooo. Isk isk isk.

I have digressed.

The oven has a door with a glass window for you to peek peek inside. There is the temperature control thingy, which, to tell you the truth, I don't really know how to read.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this oven needs no electricity and runs on heat from a stove/burner. Jimat elektrik, beb!

Heat enters this oven through its 'opened' bottom. Urm... I guess, in other words, this means that this is a bottomless oven. I just need to place it on my stove/burner, turn on the heat, and voila! I can bake, even during blackouts. My Grandma told me that in the olden days domestic goddesses used this oven on dapur arang for baking.

The first time I used the oven I had issues getting the correct temperature.

Well, for one thing, the recipe I was referring to uses Fahrenheit degrees, but the oven control reads in Celcius.

There I was struggling to recall the formula... is it minus 32 times 9 or times 5?
Or was it divided by 5? Or maybe 9? Arrrrrgh!!!


Something smells. Burning smell??
But it's only been 10 minutes and the recipe says 25-30 minutes. Maybe this is how it should be.

So I waited.

And waited some more.

Till 25 minutes later. Because the recipe says so.

As you could probably guess, my first baking attempt using this oven did not turn out well.

I started out with gooey brownies in mind, but the end results came out as hard rock rock hard biscuits. Appearance-wise, they looked okay. Taste-wise, they were exceptionally crunchy-hangit.

So the little Butt3rfly Oven went back into its box. Back to its little corner in the storeroom with its buddies.

I told myself to just forget it-lah. Some people are just not cut out for baking. Self-consoling and comforting, I was.

It was even more disappointing to see the faces of my kids when I told them I couldn't deliver as promised.

Tapi Ibu kata nak masak brownies?? Kenapa kita tak boleh makan brownies ni?? (But you said you were making brownies?? Why can't we eat these??)

Tapi this, Tapi that. Why this, Why that. Why? Why? Why???

Last last weekend I decided to give the oven another try. Because I am not a quitter, that's why.

The second attempt turned out pretty well. *beams*

Husband-tested, kids-approved.

No special recipe to share because I used the instant brownie-mix with added chocolate chunks. Not adventurous enough to start anything from scratch for now.

Yummy-smelling brownies. Mmmm mmm mmmm. Chocolatey and soft, moist, simply divine. And more importantly, homemade home-baked with love.

This 'lil accomplishment opens the door to many other baking possibilities. hee hee hee.

Note to self:
1. Tc = (5/9)*(Tf - 32), where Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius, Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
2. I should not depend too much on the temperature control reading, it may not be accurate since this is not an electric oven. So kena main agak-agak saja lah.

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