Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let's Talk about Love


It wasn't really a date date, it was rather a time-off-to-unwind-after-a-long-and-stressful-two-weeks outing for a couple who's relationship as husband & wife turned 7 years old in November but they did not get to celebrate it earlier because they were miles apart and afterwards when they were back together they could not celebrate it either because their son got very sick.

A belated anniversary (mini) celebration it was. So... what did we do?

We went out to see a movie. Only the two of us. Just like old old old old times. It just goes to show that we don't go to the movies much.

famyBoy was ecstatic about the fact that he'd get to watch Casin0 Roy@le on the big screen. He was even humming the J@mes B0nd tune to himself. Err... hello? Who said we were going to watch Casin0 Roy@le?

Since the theme of the day was supposed to be romantika d'amour, we I opted for C1nta instead.
And a wise choice it turned out to be. I like I like I like. Even my husband (who originally was reluctant to watch), too, thought that is was good.

This entry is not a review of the movie, so you need not worry about any spoilers. And I promise that I will not elaborate on about the beautiful cinematography, the commendable performances by the cast, the memorable lines, the excellent plot and unfolding of storyline, or the emotions-evoking soundtrack.

I would recommend that you go watch it yourself.

Somehow or rather, you would get 'affected' by the going-ons in the characters lives. It may not be something you're experiencing right now, but it might be something you have gone through at some point in your lives. For me specifically, as a girl, a woman, a spouse/wife/parent, a sister, a daughter, the different scenarios and the different types of 'cinta' touched me in different ways.

I wouldn't say I cried buckets, but me being extra mushy (and overly-sensitive somehow) on that day had my tudung soaked wiping off hopelessly romantic tears. *blush* Yes, yes I am sappy like that. But I like being sappy about this movie.

There were some corny, cheesy parts (I would expect a certain amount of corny-ness lah since this *is* a movie about love to begin with) but I felt that they weren't overly done. Didn't think much of them, taklah sampai menyampah, you see.

I won't be mentioning that line spoken by Dato' R@him Raz@li's character here, alaaa... the one about "isteri bukanlah hakmilik, tetapi suatu anugerah..." tu or the voice-over by Nanu about the sacrifices you'd make out of love. I'd just like to point out that besides the cleverly written lines, this movie highlighted some taken-for-granteds and reminded me to not only cherish the people I love, but to also cherish the love (that gets displayed in so many ways) of the ones who love me.

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