Monday, November 20, 2006

Sometimes the (Idea) lightbulb simply refuses to turn on

You manage events, you organize seminars and parties, but when it comes to your own anniversary celebration, your mind just goes... b l a n k.

It's lunch time now. I'm taking a short break. Didn't feel like going out coz I've been sneezing like crazy since this morning... spreading my germy germs in the control room, the ladies room, the server room, the shoe area, the corridor, the document cabinets. Ugh. Itchy+runny nose and all. Double ugh.

Used up two "Pocket Packs" of Kleenex in an hour. I probably need to drop by the pharmacy this evening to stock up on my tissue paper supply.

It is very tempting to apply for sick leave, especially when you *are* sick to begin with. But with the way things are going on at the office these past weeks, I'd rather force my sick self to come to work instead of lying in bed resting. With the almost due deadlines, a workday missed would seem like a week. The catching up afterwards will be worse than non-stop sneezing and runny+itchy nose. Therefore, selagi ada daya, akan kugagahi jua.

Anyways, I guess with famyBoy being offshore till Sunday, I actually have about a week to plan/think about our belated anniversary celebration. What to get him for a gift, what we could do, where we should go etc etc etc. You know... how we should celebrate our 7th anniversary.


The Question is: How should we celebrate our 7th anniversary???

*garu kepala*

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