Monday, November 27, 2006

Bad Timings

There is a major issue at work affecting two of the regional load-bal@ncing webservers. Since the actual (Sing@pore) administrator is on vacation for the whole week, I was designated to assist with the tasks that involved troubleshooting, solution-seeking, dealing with 3rd party vendors and liasing with the users/customers. Bummer. Leveraging of skills and resources they said. Hokay.

I was in the middle of a conference call with M1cros0ft, when my mobile started vibrating. It was a call from the school. Teacher Im@h called to inform that Aidiin had vomitted 4 times, wait... make that 5 times since this morning and now they've ran out of clean clothes for him to wear. 5 times?!! Apparently nothing the teachers gave him stayed in, not even water. My poor baby. My poor sick baby.

He threw up two more times in the car on the way to the clinic. The doctor diagnosed him as having stomach flu, as he was showing the major symptoms - continuous vomitting, fever, diarrhea. Judging from his cries, he probably has tummy aches too. My poor baby. My poor sick baby.

He hasn't eaten anything since we brought him home but vomitted twice regardless, spewing whatever bodily fluid left in his tiny body.

He is asleep right now. He looks so weak and helpless. He could barely open his eyes. My poor sick baby.

Oh little Darling, if only Ibu's butterfly kisses can magically take all the pain away and kill all the nasty rotaviruses, naughty noroviruses and the bad bad bad adenoviruses (hey... this virus has a name similar to yours!) type 40 or 41, sapoviruses, and astroviruses.

I have decided to keep Aidiin at home for the next couple of days. I feel bad about having to abandon work at times of crisis, but this is an emergency. I'll be there in spirit, I'd troubleshoot telepathically if I could. Why can't I get rid of this stupid guilty feeling?

I am thankful that Sofea is okay. At least she can still go to school.

But more importantly, I am thankful that famyBoy is back home.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sometimes the (Idea) lightbulb simply refuses to turn on

You manage events, you organize seminars and parties, but when it comes to your own anniversary celebration, your mind just goes... b l a n k.

It's lunch time now. I'm taking a short break. Didn't feel like going out coz I've been sneezing like crazy since this morning... spreading my germy germs in the control room, the ladies room, the server room, the shoe area, the corridor, the document cabinets. Ugh. Itchy+runny nose and all. Double ugh.

Used up two "Pocket Packs" of Kleenex in an hour. I probably need to drop by the pharmacy this evening to stock up on my tissue paper supply.

It is very tempting to apply for sick leave, especially when you *are* sick to begin with. But with the way things are going on at the office these past weeks, I'd rather force my sick self to come to work instead of lying in bed resting. With the almost due deadlines, a workday missed would seem like a week. The catching up afterwards will be worse than non-stop sneezing and runny+itchy nose. Therefore, selagi ada daya, akan kugagahi jua.

Anyways, I guess with famyBoy being offshore till Sunday, I actually have about a week to plan/think about our belated anniversary celebration. What to get him for a gift, what we could do, where we should go etc etc etc. You know... how we should celebrate our 7th anniversary.


The Question is: How should we celebrate our 7th anniversary???

*garu kepala*

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Seven Years Have Gone By

It sucks being alone on your wedding anniversary... it just does. Seriously.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Can I Get a Fast Forward, please?

I'm not your superwoman...
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down
And think that everything's okay
Boy, I am only human...

At work, these last two months are normally the busiest times of the year. Year end deadlines-lah, fiscal closing-lah, freeze periods-lah, urgent updates and security patches-lah. Everyone needs everything ready before so-n-so workweek, everyone claims his/her request(s) should be the priority. How-lah like that? Makcik is getting chest pains already.

It's scary, y'know? Especially when you don't feel like doing a n y t h i n g (but procrastinate instead), despite the accumulating To-Do(s). Yes, yes, I'm in denial. *big sigh*

So... if you don't see me hopping my way to your blogs and/or responding to your comments in a timely manner, you know why lah. Never ever meant to neglect you folks. But I know you all ni a very very understanding bunch, kan? That's why-lah I saaaaayang you all. *hugs*

And my updates will be sporadic too, I guess.

I know I shouldn't be making excuses bringing home issues to work, and vice versa. But my other half is out of town for at least the next 10 days or so. Now I don't have anyone to go home to and whine about work. I never expected him to reduce the workload but it's good to know that he's there to attentively listen (even if he was just pretending to). My personal shrink cum punching bag cum bantal peluk (bolster).

On top of that, nowadays my sensibilities have been overcome by paranoia. Especially after watching news about helicopters crashing and whatnot. I realize it's all Allah's will, qada' and qadar, ajal-maut di tangan Tuhan, and it's his rezeki yang sudah tertulis, but I *still* am entitled to worry, no?? Accidents do happen. Although lately I found out that more people tend to die (young) due to heart attacks. Na'uzubillah.

I miss him already.

My parents are staying over during famyBoy's absence. It's good to have company although it isn't really necessary. I already foresee potential 'differences in opinion' with my mom regarding my cooking and my home management & decor methods but I'm thankful for their presence nonetheless. At least the kids will not have to listen to me nag often. It's not their fault, really, it's all mine. I just have to find some way/place to let it all out. And they, being the precious darlings that they are, just happened to know which switches to trigger.

Without their Ayah around, the kids automatically become my shrinks cum personal assistants cum consultants cum bantal peluk bucuk(s). Not punching bags-lah of course, satgi kena tuduh domestic violence and child abuse pulak, lagi haru.

Did I tell you I miss him already, already?


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