Monday, October 30, 2006

Di hari mulia ini, kususun sepuluh jari...

Mari Berpantun di Aidil Fitri

Tinggi sungguh terbang si helang
Akhirnya hinggap di pohon jati
1 Syawal kini menjelang
Ramadhan yang lalu moga diberkati.

Malam raya main bunga api
Dentuman mercun kuat macam bom
Di pagi raya cantik berseri
Menarik tertarik dan memang da bomb!

Budak-budak bermain getah
Bermain getah di tengah laman
Aidil Fitri disambut meriah
Ketupat dan lemang jadi habuan.

Biarpun di kampung mahupun di pekan
Biskut raya semestinya terhidang
Ziarah-menziarahi tanda ingatan
Sanak saudara tersenyum riang.

Baju raya kasut raya
Duit raya jangan dilupa
Aidil Fitri hari mulia
Maaf dipohon sesama kita.

Salam Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin
and Eid Mubarak to all!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Ideal Ideas

I don't normally favor being caught off-guard with definition questions. Especially when the questions originate from my forever-inquisitive daughter. On my lucky days, it would be something quite straightforward like "what is a light bulb?" or "what is oyster sauce?". Things that I can find around the house and just point to and she'll instantly know what they are/mean.

On some days it would be something intangible and/or abstract.

hi Ibu, what is Idea?

You mean an idea?

No Ibu, I meant Idea. What is idea?

*clears throat*
Well, to have "an" idea is to have a thought or a notion in your head. It could be a plan, a principle, a feeling or a mental image. It is something formulated in your mind...

Ok, ok, ok. Of course I didn't answer her that way. The truth is I was stumped for a while, trying to find the appropriate words. The only thing that came to my mind was the image of a mentol (light bulb) being switched on.

Ibu?? Ibu??

I gave her a somewhat lengthy explanation of 'idea' in M@lay with some examples to support, but I'll only write a summarized English version here. I don't sound stupid when I speak M@lay, but I also don't want to sound too clever either. heh heh. I am just too lazy to type it all out in Bah@sa Mel@yu and then translate it for the purpose of this entry.


Urm... okay, it's like this. Say, you have a problem, which initially, you don't know how to fix, so you try to figure out different ways to resolve it. You sit down and think, think really really hard. Then suddenly, the (possible) solution comes to mind. You now know how to fix the problem. That is what we call an idea.

*appears to be digesting the new bits of information*

But, but... you don't always need to have a problem before you get an idea. Sometimes ideas just appear in your mind. You know, some things that you think of. Usually you write them down so you won't forget later.

*nods head*
Ohhhh... okay!! I know, I know! And she sped off happily.

The next day I found this stuck on the wall of our family hall.

Sofea's remark: Look Ibu, I have an idea. It's you!!

I then discovered many, many other 'ideas' of hers around the house. In the bedrooms, in the kitchen, on the railing of the stairs, on the cabinets, on the fridge, even on the laundry basket and on the bathroom door.

I don't know if I have succeeded in explaining the idea of having an idea to her, and I wonder if she grasped the concept of having ideas correctly.

I have no idea where she got the post-its from, but she seemed to have a pretty good idea of how they (the post-its) are supposed to be used. heh.


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