Friday, September 08, 2006

Parrot, Parrot, 1 2 3!!!

The theme for this year's Sports Day was "Kemerdekaan dan Keamanan Palestin" (Independence and Peace for P@lestine).

When I first read the memo given by the teacher, I was confused. The "Kemerdekaan" was supposed to be in conjunction with M@laysia'a 31 August celebrations (you know, happy happy joy joy kinda thing), and "Keamanan Palestin" is, well, a whole different thing altogether. Somewhat conflicting, no?
Checked with one of the teachers and was told that my interpretation was in fact, correct. Apparently I was not the only parent who enquired about it. heh heh.

All parents received the memo about 4 days before the event. Parents were encouraged to get together-gether to prepare props or costumes for the children, based on the theme, so that the kids could wear them during the Sports Day Parade.

This year, the teams were divided based on names of birds - Parrot, Eagle, Kingfisher and Peacock, which represented teams Yellow, Green, Blue and Red, respectively.

Both Sofea and Aidiin were members of rumah (team) Parrot. So, naturally, it would be advisable to come up with costumes and props that fit nicely with their uniforms: white t-shirts with yellow cuffs(?) around the collars and sleeves, and yellow pants. It was decided that the kids will be dressed up as Umbrella Cockatoos (from the parrot family), mainly white, but with striking yellow crests. With the help of another mom and her friend, the mak-mak Parrot (Parrot mommies) came up with 13 sets of costumes made of corrugated cardboards. Each set consisted of a headgear (which is the bird's head and beak attached to a white cap) and a pair of wings.

Not bad, eh? ;)

I used party streamers (in red, blue, yellow and white) to make J@lur Gemilang-ish necklaces for the kids to wear around their necks. As an added personal touch, we had the kids wear white belts with the words "AMAN PALEST1N" printed on them.

All the kids marched to the "Tanggal TigaPuluhSatu, Bulan Lapan LimaPuluhTujuh" tune in conjunction with August being Merdeka (Independence) month for Mal@ysia, while the judges evaluated the costumes.
I was the designated spokeperson who had to explain why team Parrot kids looked the way they did, and I came up with this: We chose umbrella cockatoos because they are white; to represent pure, freedom, peace. The necklaces the children are wearing represent our beloved country because they are the colors on our J@lur Gemil@ng (Mal@ysian flag). On the white belts, the words "AMAN PALEST1N" (Peace for P@lestine) are printed, which is self-explanatory. These children symbolize little birds of freedom flown all over the world, representing Mal@ysia, carrying the "Peace for P@lestine" message across the globe...
Pretty convincing, imho, because we won 1st prize for the costumes. ;)

The event this year is much more relaxed and 'controlled' because the principal decided to have it conducted in a dewan (hall) due to the current weather conditions -- too hot, rainy and/or sometimes a bit hazy. The hall itself has central air-conditioning so that helped make the environment more pleasant overall. Taklah masam berlemoih sangat.

I've seen this slideshow thingy at some other blogs and thought that it was really cool, so I decided to try it out myself. Check this out:

I kept checking my watch throughout the event coz we were supposed to drive to JayBee that very same afternoon to attend my cousin's wedding. All in all, the event ended around 1:30 PM (inclusive of lunch) and we rushed home immediately. Got the kids bathed and then famyBoy and I performed our prayers. Quickly stuffed our bags into the car... by then, the time was almost 3:00 PM.

The kids fell asleep when we drove past the USJ toll exit. I tried to stay awake but I was too sleepy and tired so I took many short naps while famyBoy drove all the way to JayBee.

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