Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I should start worrying about the terrible two(s) now, shouldn't I?

Aidiin turned two years old yesterday, August 14, 2006. My baby is two!!

I still have trouble remembering the fact that I went on maternity leave two years ago. It still feels like it has only been a year. Maybe because time flies by too fast nowadays. But most probably because I am still carrying the access weight from my last two pregnancies after all these years.

Currently, Aidiin is desperate to be independent; may it be during feeding time, brushing his teeth, undressing and dressing up (diaper-wearing too!), combing his hair, switching on the TV or lampshade, changing channels using the remote, putting in or ejecting the DVD or even pouring water from a bottle into a cup. Always "Aad-diin nak se-li-li" (Aidiin nak sendiri -- I want to do it myself). He is surprisingly meticulous, especially when maneuvering food into his mouth with a spoon or fork. His elder sister would end up having more bits of food spilt or dropped around her and/or on the floor. Sofeeeeaaaaaa!!!

I (quickly) learned that he should never be left alone with a cup filled with liquid. Puddles, puddles everywhere. Chocolatey-brown puddles, strawberry-pink puddles, milk-white puddles. And that the bathroom door should never never be left ajar. Puddles, more puddles, splishes, splashes, sploshes everywhere and a drenched-from-head-to-toe little boy.

Aidiin gave me the opportunity to experience the joys of exclusively breastfeeding, up till he turned 14 months old. He decided to wean himself off somehow, much to my dismay. It was quite a struggle for me at first; the exclusive breastfeeding, pumping at work, breastfeeding during Ramadhan, sleep-deprivation, engorgement and sore/cracked nipples. But my son made it impossible for me to quit as he showed me what a rewarding journey it turned out to be. He made me see that if I wanted something really badly, I would/could do whatever it takes to make it work. I was amazed at myself actually and I have him (and Allah SWT) to thank for that.

I learned a lot from my accident-prone hero these past two years than I ever did in my lifetime. Some lessons were humorous, but unfortunately most were traumatic ones.
He freaked me out with his first encounter with the iron.
He taught me perseverance and patience when he was hospitalized for pneumonia.
He demonstrated to me how hard his head was/is.
He almost gave me a heart attack when he fell down the stairs on Eid-ul-Adha earlier this year.
And if that was not enough, he tested me again (this time with his sister's help) when his left eardrum got punctured.

Enough, enough. No more surprises, please.

Despite the fact that I was in (painful) labour for 30 hours before Aidiin decided to come out and see the world, I have no regrets. Except for one thing though. I thought he would be a lefty like me, but he was only a lefthander for the first 10 months of his life. Hmmm.... maybe I should start considering making another potential lefthander... *grin*



Many many many Hugs and Kisses from Ibu, Ayah & Kakak.

A big boy he is now, was an adik-adik toddler(s) and very soon a preschooler.

But in my eyes, he is still a baby. And I am more than thankful that he is mine.

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** 2nd Birthday bday card image taken from: http://www.systemaxonline.com

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