Friday, July 21, 2006


Q: What's worse than having a sick and whiny child to care for?...

A: Having TWO sick and whiny children to care for on your own while your husband is away on an outstation trip! That's what.


Both Sofea and Aidiin had fever and were not sent to school.

In addition to the doctor-prescribed medications, I decided to include some get-well-soon-quickly remedies of my own.

For lunch, I served them pasta in alphabet soup, as an alternative to (the usual) chicken porridge. For dessert, they get to devour 2-in-1 chocolate & vanilla ice-cream in a cup.

As Ibu's TLC bonus, I read and reread (and then made to re-reread with actions) Mommy's Best Kisses to them. To return the favor, they agreed to take their naps (Thank God!). I took this golden opportunity to complete the house chores. Laundry, dishes, more laundry, clearing up scattered-everywhere books, puzzles and toys.

For late afternoon cum evening entertainment they were given the luxury of watching Dora the Explorer VCDs marathon. Because Ibu ran out of ideas and energy to keep them entertained.

It was not a surprise to me that they enjoyed this treat the most.


I think the truth is they miss their Dad. I gotta admit, I miss him terribly too. :(

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Four Weddings, a Sports Day and a Party

Three couples I know are tying the knot next month. First, there's the lovey-dovey couple (yayyy!! for Berrybear & Diah). Then famyBoy's cousin is getting married in Ked@h. Then my cousin's wedding ceremony in JayBee. Oh and Ms. S1ti will also be marrying her D@tuk boyfriend.
So, make that four couples I know are tying the knot next month. heh heh.

I was invited to three out of the four weddings, but I'll only be able to attend two. One is too far away in Dum@i... so unless Bear & Diah sponsor our plane tickets there, I doubt we'd be able to make it. ;)
The other one is obviously only for VVIPs, VIPs, royalty (?), celebrities, reporters and such, and unless I am a biiiiiiig fan who'd be willing to drive up to Pah@ng for the other wedding reception in S1ti's hometown in September, I'd have to miss that one too. And plus, they'd probably broadcast the event on TV, and I'd rather read all about it from the papers. Guaranteed to make the headlines punya lah.

Sofea's school's Sports Day is also happening in August, which unfortunately will coincide with my cousin's doa selamat (prayers) and akad nikah (the matrimony) ceremony. So, we can only attend the dinner reception, and hopefully I get to watch the earlier happenings on video.

InsyaAllah, a 2-in-1 siblings birthday party will also be held in August, to (belated-ly) celebrate Sofea's turning 5 and Aidiin's going-to-be 2. I have nothing planned out yet so far, but most probably it will involve two birthday cakes and 2-in-1 party favors. Since the school is relocating early August, I hope the teachers wouldn't mind having a mini party like the one we had for Sofea last year, only this year it'll be at the new premises. Hmmm... maybe I should talk to the school's principal first.

Good thing there are no other major events scheduled to take place next month too, like the previous seminar, for instance. And luckily, I've gotten that migration project out of the way. *phew*

Oh well, it looks like it's gonna be a very busy August... but at least I can look forward to not being in auto-pilot mode next month. *winks at ondeonde*

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hello K1tty

Ooohhh yes, we finally brought the new kitty home.

Everyone, say Hello to H@rry*** the cat.

I told you he's tall, dark and handsome, didn't I? *wink*

A few weeks back, famyBoy and I went shopping for additional food and water containers, a litterbox, a collar and a shiny new nametag. At the pet store, famyBoy grabbed the first food dish his arms could reach. The dish had a reddish-pinkish shade.

Pick another one-lah.
Coz it's pink.

We're buying for a boy, ok? Get the blue one, please.

I also bought a grooming comb because H@rry inherited the long thick, flowy coat from his persian parent (his Dad, I think) and his sleek, silky hair needed brushing at least every other day.

Before bringing him home for the first time, we brought H@rry to the vet for a thorough medical checkup, which included a blood test, a kidney profile test and liver checkup. During his 2nd visit he was given his feline leukaemia vaccination and deworming treatment. The doctor also gave him a flea bath and did his nails, i.e. H@rry's nails were cleaned and trimmed. Sheesh... even *I* don't get pedicures, what more to pamper myself at a spa.

For an entire week at home, I had to apply eardrops and clean his ears daily because the doctor found some traces of earmites. Harmless, but good to get rid off from the beginning. I saw that the mites were gone by the 3rd day (the insides of his ears looked clean unlike previously where there were bits of black stuff) but I continued applying the drops anyways in case they came back.

H@rry has a charming personality; he is friendly, playful, pretty laid-back and calm. Memang sesuwai buat menantu dia ni. He enjoys having Sofea and Aidiin fuss over him and sometimes he'd chase them around the house trying to catch and grab at their ankles and they'd be giggling and shrieking in delight.

For the time being, the vet advised not to keep H@rry together with my other cat until he (H@rry) has completed his series of vaccinations. So for now H@rry and M1sha can only main-main mata (steal looks at each other) from their respective cages.

It surely feels like I have officially adopted a 'son'.

***Note: H@rry's previous owners have daughters who are big fans of H@rry P0+ter, hence the name. The other cats in his family were named P0+ter and R0n.


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