Friday, June 30, 2006

As if my hands are not full already...

A friend wanted give away her 10 months old cat and asked if I was interested to take him... and I'd said Yes!!

Tak pasal-pasal kan? All these while I complain about so much to do, and already I've got so many things to take care of, bla bla de bla... *sigh*


If you have been reading my older entries in the other blog, you'd know that I already have a cat at home.

Anyways, several reasons made me decide to proceed with the idea. The main reason was I felt guilty for not really taking care of my (existing) cat M1sha lately. I can tell that she is lonely. We were very close, you see. I've had her since 1996. She slept with me on my bed, she entertained me and my roommate with her kitty antics, she gave me massages before I go to sleep and woke me up in the mornings so that I didn't skip miss my early lectures. In return, I ensured that she got enough food, water and love. Not only that, I also assumed the position of the sanitary engineer who cleaned her litterbox using that scooping thingy everyday and made sure she had a clean, odor-free, fresh llitterbox to do her business. M1sha and I travelled across the globe on a 30 hours flight when I graduated and returned home to M@lays1a in 1997.

When I got married and was pregnant with Sofea I was still staying at my parents' since famyBoy was working in another state and his job required him to be outstation most of the time. We were weekends husband-wife-lovers. Later, he got another job that's in-state, and after Sofea was born, right after pantang (confinement), we moved out and found our own place. I left M1sha at my parents' since the place we were renting then was a small apartment that had limited space. Moreover Sofea was still a baby. As for me, I was learning to be a fulltime wife and working mom.

We took M1sha with us when we moved into our own (current) house. Still trying to juggle between work, home and family, I did not really spend much quality time with my cat. Then I got pregnant with Aidiin, and even lesser time was spent with her. famyBoy took over the cat care responsibilities until Aidiin was born. Actually he is still helping out till now (thank you, Love). My kids have become my highest priority (after my husband) and M1sha was somewhat neglected. *guilty*

With the current lifestyle and work/family demands, we are normally not home during the daytime on weekdays, and only return late in the evenings. With the kids, household chores and whatnot, I am not left with much time nor energy to give my cat the TLC she needs. Our weekends are normally spent visiting the kids' grandparents, or running errands n stuff. Very limited cat-human quality moments.

M1sha is often left alone at home, mostly in her cage. I wasn't really keen on having her caged but I worry about her safety if we let her loose. Wild/stray dogs, other 'gangster' cats, crazy human drivers, non-hygienic food. pssst... zan, confirm bukan kucing kiter yang berak kat laman awak, tau.
Plus I didn't want her to mix with the wrong (cat) crowd and get knocked up by some random alley cat. Yes, I'm picky about who she befriends and hangs out with, and that's the reason she's still a virgin till now. *guilty some more*

You might wonder why I never considered taking in another cat a long time ago. I did, I did. But the two (or was it three?) male cats DIED before I could confirm with their respective owners. Seriously. Y'know, for an animal that has nine lives, theirs were used up rather quickly.

Lately I have learned to juggle better (although still struggling) between kids, home, work, life... so now I want to make things right (if I could).

I feel really bad about abandoning M1sha the last few years.

I hope she will forgive me when she sees the tall, dark and handsome stud that I'm bringing home to her. Sudah diperiksa later belakangnya... memang dari keturunan yang baik-baik.

I wondered if cats M1sha's age have already begun menopause, but was relieved(?) to learn that unlike humans, female cats remain fertile throughout their lives.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Picture (not so) Perfect

The many attempts at taking a passport-sized picture of Aidiin...

The finished product... nganga pun nganga lah.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sofea & Aidiin Visited the Zo0

*This is a very belated entry due to my extreme busyness working on the final phase of TBMP*

Last last week (during the school holidays) famyBoy and I took the kids to the z00. Our TV desperately needed a break, and I figured a 'nature' walk and some fresh air would be good for the kids for a change. Plus, definitely no harm in Ibu and Ayah doing some (much needed) walking exercise too. heh heh.

We arrived at the z00 at about 11:45am. The weather was quite okay, so we decided to go about on foot instead. The truth was I got bored standing and the kids got restless waiting... the line/queue for the train/tram ride was too long!

With a map in hand, we headed to the Children's Play Area first. The place turned out to be something like a petting z00. Some animals freely roamed about. Some were still in their caged/gated areas but were still touch-able by visitors. Like this pony for instance.

Sofea was excited to carry a map around to see where we were and where we're headed next. She told me it made her feel like her explorer buddy in one of her exploring adventures. She sulked and whined for a bit coz she didn't bring a backpack *rolleyes* but it was just for a while though... nothing that an ice-cream treat can't fix! hee hee hee.

On that day the kids were camera shy for some unknown reason (even Sofea!). The only (good) picture that I have of both sister and brother was taken at the Ape Center.

Since my mini models weren't cooperative enough to pose for me, I ended up taking pictures of the animals instead. You can look at more pictures in the z00 album at The animals were either sleeping, eating or just lazing around, unlike the animals on Anim@l Pl@net on TV.

I think my last visit to the Zo0 Neg@ra (National Zo0) was when I was 14. Gosh! That's like 18 years ago! How many generations of giraffes and elephants and tigers and lions would that be? Things/places have definitely changed since then.

I remember going on the boat thingys at the lake. Now the lake is just, well, a lake. Bangaus (flamingos?) lepak-ed on the nearby trees. Occasionally you'd see some ducks swimming and flapping their wings in the water. Mandi kot.

Ice-cream stands and kiosks selling junk food and drinks were strategically located here n there.

No more Kay-eF-Ceee. Now they have M@rry Br0wn instead. But I had the "Mari kita pergi ke z00, bergembira di situ, makanannya sedap sehingga menjilat jari" song playing in my head, regardless.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Techno Talk

This morning I had breakfast with famyBoy at one of the restaurants near my office because my usual breakfast buddy (aka Mdm Zan) sms-ed me earlier that Nael wasn't feeling well and she'd be taking the day off.

Since I got tired of eating at our designated m@mak shop, we decided to try a restaurant that serves mostly p@ntai timur-ish cuisine. Elisa and Zan would know this place since we've had lunch there a couple of times before.

On the way to the restaurant, I was contemplating on having either something fried (i.e. koay-teow, mee or meehoon) or nasi lemak. I've had enough of eating roti canai, roti telur, tosai (biasa, paper, rawa, masala etc) dan makanan-makanan yang sewaktu dengannya.

Lucky for me, the restaurant's breakfast menu consisted of a variety of food including nasi kerabu and nasi dagang (yummy!). I couldn't resist the temptation, so I decided on nasi dagang (for breakfast!) with Nescafe panas kurang manis while famyBoy opted for roti canai and teh-o panas. Sungguh very not breakfast 'adventurous' lah dia ni.

I gave him the "What?? Of all things you're having roti canai?!!" look, to which he responded with, "Roti canai mel@yu and roti canai m@mak rasa lain lah". Fine... suka hatilah, whatever.

Anyways, I don't exactly remember how it started but we somehow ended up talking about problem-solving techniques at work. famyBoy then recalled an incident at the workplace which he is currently attached to where a simple high school math concept helped him solve a supposedly complicated question that one of the trainees had. Bla bla bla, deriv@tives, integr@ls, L@Place equation, d1vergence, bla bla de bla.

I was intrigued when he showed me how the math and technical concepts we learnt in school (stuff that I would normally just memorize for exam-taking sake and had taken for granted -- and I call myself an engineer *blush*) were applied in his real life problem-solving projects. Made me think of that crime-investigation series NUMB3RS.

I listened intently while savoring the nasi dagang with curry until at one point where I got lost in formulae and graphs, and all I could focus on was his moving lips recalling and regurgitating some technical jargon pertaining to the mentioned problem. I noticed how his eyebrows frowned when he was engrossed in his explanations. Sesungguhnya dia nampak cute bila serius. Incredibly attractive and alluring, almost seductive.

I sat and watched him use his index finger to write out the (invisible) formula on the table to further explain to me what he meant. I nodded my head every once in a while, to indicate that I comprehended and was still following what he was saying, although all I wanted to do at the time was to terkam (pounce on) him and slobber him with kisses. Lamun@n asm@ra?

Watching him with his messy hair and serious geeky technical talking turned me on!! *giggles*

Why are you most h0rny when you're having your period? Sheesh.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Out of Sight but Not Out of Mind

The kids' nursery was closed the whole of last week (school's annual break), which explains my recent absence from ze blogging world.

This year we had no vacation planned due to money matters and other prior commitments (read: famyBoy has to work).
We did get to do some family-bonding activities though (both in-state and out-of-state) and I had the opportunity of being a SAHM for a week. Ironically, being at home left me no time to get online to work, blog, surf, whatsoever. Fulfilling, yes, but penat giler, wa cakap lu.

I did manage to catch up on some reading, which was good. And clean laundry never got a chance to pile up for days before getting folded. We got to dine (properly) at the dinner table as a family more often, as opposed to my usual kelam-kabutness (rushing) to feed the kids in front of the TV on normal working nights.
My plants got watered daily, sometimes even twice a day rather than once every two or three days, that is *if* we weren't blessed with rain instead.

I didn't get to complete my home-improvement projects though. Only managed to start some de-cluttering tasks but did not get around to finish. My initial goal was to completely sort out tight old and used clothes, toys, books and letters/documents, to start re-arranging furniture in the second bedroom (aka my Sofea's Big Girl Bedroom project). I had some other personal goals to achieve as well, but did not get to work on them either. *sigh*

It took me about 3-4 days to establish a routine with the kids and household chores. But by then we were already getting ready for our road trip to Selama, Kedah to attend my cousins-in-laws' engagement ceremonies last weekend. So much for my getting adjusted... heh heh.


Anyways, I am back at work today and kiddos back to school. Back to the normal routine.

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