Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sofea is 5!!

Sofea turned 5 years old last Saturday, May 13, 2006. Gosh... I still cannot believe it's been 5 years already since I first became an Ibu (a mom).

Like last year, I have not been able to plan a birthday party for her yet. And just like last year, the party at her school will be postponed till possibly next month. *hangs head in shame*

To compensate for my failure to plan her party on time, her Ayah and I decided to take her out for a fun birthday treat.

Aidiin adores his big sister. She is his idol, his role model. She is always "there" for him to vent his anger - kick, bite, hit and pull her hair. I noticed that despite the stubborn and defensive nature in Sofea, she never hits him back. Such a loving Kakak she is. Only once a while she'd bully him by hiding his favorite toy or putting something he wanted at an elavated place so that he could not reach it. Sometimes when he misbehaved, she'd suggest that we swap him with another adik (brother).

Sofea is simply passionate by nature. She is full of energy and love. An extrovert, she is not shy and is unconditionally friendly (this is my biggest worry actually). Chirpy, cheery, happy-go-lucky. She is also Ms Dilly-Dally #1.

She'd drive me crazy one minute, make me all tensed up and cranky, but out of the blue she'd surprise me with a hug and a kiss without me having to ask for them.

When hurt or saddened, she'd quickly forgive and forget. I feel blessed having a daughter that is ever-forgiving. I would resent me if I were her, what with my constant nagging and whatnot. *sigh*

I wanted to include a picture of the birthday girl in this post, but I could not decide which one so I picked 5 pictures instead. One from each year of her life.

Happy 5th Birthday Darling Sofea,
Hugs & Kisses from Ibu, Ayah and Aidiin.

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zeeta said...

You look so sweet young girl ...



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