Monday, May 22, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Ibu... hari ni Kakak tak nak pakai T-shirt dengan seluar.
(Mom, I don't want to wear T-shirt and pants today.)


Hari ni Kakak nak pakai baju kurung.
(Today I'd like to wear my baju kurung.)


Sebab hari ni Cikgu kata ada dentist nak datang kat sekolah Kakak.
(Because the teacher said a dentist is coming to my school.)


Ye-lah... dentist tu kan doktor yang check gigi. Cikgu kata dentist nak datang kat sekolah hari ni.
(Yes, the teacher said a dentist is coming to school today.)

Ohh... tapi dentist tu mesti nak tengok gigi Kakak bukan nak tengok baju Kakak.
(Ohh... but the dentist will surely be looking at your teeth, not what you wear.)

Takpe-lah. Kakak nak pakai baju kurung, yang kaler pink tu. Nanti Ibu ikatlah rambut Kakak. Barulah nampak cantik.
(Nevermind, I want to wear my pink baju kurung. And you can also help to tie up my hair. Then I'll look pretty.)

Okay-lah. Kakak tak nak pakai dress ke?
(Okay-lah, you don't want to wear a dress instead?)

Takpe, baju kurung pun boleh...
(It's ok, baju kurung will be fine...)


My daughter, Ms. Vain.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Weekend of Celebrations

Birthday Fun for Sofea

We took Sofea and Aidiin to the KidsZone (Indoor) Theme Park at the Berj@y@ TSq to celebrate Sofea's turning 5.

We decided to go for indoor activities hence the KZ Theme Park since it has been raining the past week. Moreover the place is conveniently located close to B0rders hee hee hee.

We arrived at the Berj@y@ TSq early morning so there was ample parking space and not that many people around. After an expensive breakfast at McD, we headed to the park.

It was a first time visit for all of us (read: a bit jakun).

The kids were awed by the roller-coaster with screaming passengers that passed above their heads at certain intervals.

I wanted to buy and eat cotton candy just to get 'feel' of being in a theme park but imagining a sticky, berlemoih, sugar-high hyper Aidiin made me change my mind.

Sofea had an enjoyable time trying out one 'birthday' ride after another although every once in a while she asked me if it was her birthday, how come there is no cake?

I took many pictures of course...

Celebrating Bee-Booh's Day

I received a handmade Mother's Day Card from Sofea. She made it at school.

I did not receive any "material" gifts from famyBoy this year. But then again, since I became his wife (as opposed to being his girlfriend) my material gifts have become 'combo' gifts, i.e several special occasions (birthdays and anniversaries and mother's days) combined into one. The good thing about this is each 'combo' gift is normally something extra-special lah. "Non-material" gifts, on the other hand, I receive quite often. Most of the times we get to enjoy them together. *wink*

Therefore, I am going to assume that if everything goes well, and if ada rezeki, I'll be getting my 2006 Mother's Day Gift (combined with several other special occasions) perhaps sometime next year or the year after that.

Oh but I did get a special treat last weekend though.
I got to spend 2 hours on my own at B0rders - alone, kids-free and no sms interruptions asking "Bila nak balik?" (When can we leave?) from spouse. woo hoooo hoooo!!

The drawback of this priviledge was I ended up leaving B0rders with two huge plastic bags filled with books. Books for Sofea & Aidiin, books for close friends' kids, books for anak-anak sedara, and of course books for moi. Oh well, the damage has been done, nak buat cemana, kan?

Happy Mother's Day, y'all! A tad belated but every day is Mother's Day, is it not?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sofea is 5!!

Sofea turned 5 years old last Saturday, May 13, 2006. Gosh... I still cannot believe it's been 5 years already since I first became an Ibu (a mom).

Like last year, I have not been able to plan a birthday party for her yet. And just like last year, the party at her school will be postponed till possibly next month. *hangs head in shame*

To compensate for my failure to plan her party on time, her Ayah and I decided to take her out for a fun birthday treat.

Aidiin adores his big sister. She is his idol, his role model. She is always "there" for him to vent his anger - kick, bite, hit and pull her hair. I noticed that despite the stubborn and defensive nature in Sofea, she never hits him back. Such a loving Kakak she is. Only once a while she'd bully him by hiding his favorite toy or putting something he wanted at an elavated place so that he could not reach it. Sometimes when he misbehaved, she'd suggest that we swap him with another adik (brother).

Sofea is simply passionate by nature. She is full of energy and love. An extrovert, she is not shy and is unconditionally friendly (this is my biggest worry actually). Chirpy, cheery, happy-go-lucky. She is also Ms Dilly-Dally #1.

She'd drive me crazy one minute, make me all tensed up and cranky, but out of the blue she'd surprise me with a hug and a kiss without me having to ask for them.

When hurt or saddened, she'd quickly forgive and forget. I feel blessed having a daughter that is ever-forgiving. I would resent me if I were her, what with my constant nagging and whatnot. *sigh*

I wanted to include a picture of the birthday girl in this post, but I could not decide which one so I picked 5 pictures instead. One from each year of her life.

Happy 5th Birthday Darling Sofea,
Hugs & Kisses from Ibu, Ayah and Aidiin.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Wedding Reception in KL

I met Mr. Bertique at the wedding reception last weekend, looking very charming and handsome in his suit. *waves Hi to Bertique*

I didn't get a chance to busybody myself to see if he (Bertique) brought a date because I was occupied trying to keep Aidiin entertained and calm throughout the ceremony. Every 30 minutes or so, Aidiin had to be taken outside of the ballroom by his Ayah because he got restless and wanted to climb down his chair and run around in circles till he got dizzy enough to drop down on the carpet on fours, on purpose of course.

At one point, Aidiin became mesmerized with the loudness of the kompangs (we were conveniently seated quite close to the loud speakers) but as soon as the kompang playing ended, during the brief period of total silence, he clapped his hands and yelled "aaa-biiiiissss" (finished) out loud. Guests seated at the neighboring tables giggled (and some even laughed) at his antics, much to my embarrassment.

Sofea was an angel that night. At the dinner table, she was exceptionally well-mannered, not her usual hyperish I-cannot-sit-still self. I had repeatedly reminded her on the way to the hotel that she was a big girl and she needed to behave in public. Maybe that worked, but personally, I think it was mainly due a certain promise that was made earlier pertaining to her birthday treat on the following day. Sometimes bribing negotiating in advance does help, especially for big, formal get-togethers... this wedding reception, for instance.

Sofea asked me why Ti-Ti (her great-grand aunt aka my aunt aka the groom's mom) was seated at the front, i.e the main table, instead of the 'normal' tables like ours. I told her that it was because Ti-Ti is Pak Long (uncle) RD's mom and this was Pak Long RD's special day. I elaborated that *I* would be seated at the main table if this was her (Sofea's) wedding, and she went "Ohhh..." indicating that she'd understood. I went further and asked her who she would be marrying and she burst into girly giggles. *roll eyes*

Overall, I would describe the ceremony as enchanting.
The a cappella dzikir, the lighting, the music, the newly-weds in their off-white attires walking hand-in-hand, the wedding cake, the pelamin, the glittery decorations...

I'll just let some pictures show you what I mean.

The wedding reception at the Pr1nce H0tel went well, Alhamdulillah.

I could see the thankfulness in my aunt's eyes when the entire ceremony was over.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Chatterbox Aidiin

At 20+ months old, Aidiin has picked up quite a number of words. I would say enough vocabulary to communicate with me (his "Bee-Booh" (aka Ibu/Mom), his Kakak (big sister), his Ayah (Dad), his grandparents, his aunts and uncles, his cousins, and his teachers & friends in school.
Cu-cu (aka susu - milk), naaak (want), ma-kang (eat/food), man-(d)i (bath/bathe), dido (aka tidur - sleep), be-lak (aka berak - poop) are among the few must-know words for a toddler his age to survive in the grownup world.

It does help that he has a very talkative Kakak, who talks to him as if he were a doll, or maybe even a parrot. She'd sing or dance and speak or give remarks and she'd encourage him to follow or repeat after her.
Aidiin cakaaaap... "We need you! Little Einsteiiiinnnnss.. Yeah!!"I-thyne! I-thyne! Yayyy!!! *claps*

And then they'll join Leo, Annie, Quincy and June go pat-pat-pat patting their laps so that Rocket gets more power to bbbblaaaaasssttt off into the sky.

It probably also helps that he goes to school. He gets to mix and play with children his age and also the younger and older kids. There are teachers who speak to him all the time giving instructions and whatnot. He is exposed to a very vocal and chatty environment. He gets to listen to other kids talk and he gets to talk to them too.

Aidiin recognizes pictures and associates them with sounds quite well. Chirping birds, droning of aeroplane in the sky, meowing cats, choo-choo-ing trains etc. He tells me "Ooo tah-pe" (Old paper) when he hears the honking sound from the old newspaper man's lorry driving by. He yells out "Op-po-yo!" when he hears the theme song from PH Disney's Pocoyo on TV upstairs while we're having dinner downstairs.

He also knows the names of most of his body parts - eyes, nose, ears, mouth, rambut (hair), perut (tummy), dicky, kaki (legs) and hands. I caught him singing mumbling the "Head and shoulders, knees and toes" song and doing the touching his shoulders and knees gestures (he must've picked this up from school).
I wanted to take a picture of him but he stopped what he was doing and grinned cheekily at me instead. The picture shown above is the result of my failed capture-the-Aidiin-moment attempt.

When Sofea was Aidiin's age, she was already speaking quite fluently. We have a video of her singing the "bangun pagi, gosok gigi" song during one of our L@ngkawi trips. She was about 2 years old at the time (3 months older than her brother is now).
At 2 years 3 months old, she was able to recite surah Al-Fatihah (although not perfectly correct pronounciation) on stage during her school's concert in 2003. When she was a baby, Sofea was not very pelat (baby talk accent?) either.
I think that was because I used to spend a lot of time reading to her daily when she was younger, and not so much with Aidiin now. *guilty*

People tell me that baby boys develop their skills and reach their milestones much later than baby girls. So I did not expect Aidiin to start speaking so soon. What more in complete sentences.

One day he ran over to me, his index finger on his lips, and whispered...
"Bee-booh, Bee-booh, shhhh... Nanni dido. Shhhh!" (Hush hush Mommy, Nanni is sleeping. Shhhh!")

Nanni is H@nnani, my 7 months old niece. Coming from a boy who supposedly will develop his vocal skills late(r), I thought that was impressive and cute.

Once I actually laughed out loud when he said "Anamaaaak" (Alamak - Ohmy/Ohno) when he accidentally spilled water on the floor.

His favorite word, apart from Ayah, Kakak and Bee-Booh is nanak (i.e. tak nak - don't want). Interesting how this word almost always pops up in our conversations.
Aidiin... Come, makan. Ibu suapkan. (Aidiin... Come and eat, let me feed you)
Nanak ma-kang! (I don't want to eat)

Okay, Aidiin suap sendiri. (Okay, why don't you feed yourself)
Nanak uu-wap! (I don't want to feed)

Aidiin good boy kan? Aidiin pandaii... (You're a good boy, right? You're a clever boy)
Nanak pan-(d)ai! (I don't want clever)

Aidiin, No, No, No! Jangan main gelas tu! (Don't touch that glass!)
Nanak No, No, No! (I don't want No, No, No!)

After that, it was all nanak this, nanak that. Nanak everything.

Nanak means Nanak-lah, don't you get it Bee-Booh?

Sunday, May 07, 2006


It is DONE!!
Finished! Kowtim-ed! Selesai! Finito! Finir!

The dreaded migration is completed. wooo hoooo hoooo!!!

As of 6:15 PM Sunday - May 7, 2006, I got my (weekend) life back.
No more locking up myself in the room while the idiot box babysits my kids.
No more staying up till the wee hours of the night.
No more bitchin' about numb fingers or tired eyes or strained neck and shoulders.

This certainly calls for a celebration!!  *throws confetti everywhere*

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ardi & Aida Gets Married

Seven months ago they were engaged.
Last weekend, on Saturday - April 29 2006, they tied the knot.

Selamat Pengantin Baru and Congratulations to my cousin Ardi & his wife Aida, may you have a blessed and happy life together.

Getting Married Means...

Getting married means you'll have
Someone's hand to hold,
Even when you're feeling sick,
Even when you're old.

It means when you sit down to eat,
Someone will be there,
So you won't have to tell your day
To an empty chair.

It means that you can have some kids
Just like a mom and dad,
And play with them all afternoon,
Except when they are bad.

It means that when you need some help,
Someone will help out,
Someone always near to you
So you won't have to shout.

But best of all is when it's time
To turn out all the lights:
You won't have to be alone
Those long and scary nights.

So even though you don't have toys,
You don't have to care:
Once you're married you can be
Each other's teddy bear!

Copyright by: Nicholas Gordon
Poem taken from:

** More wedding pictures available here **

On that Saturday, April 29th, it rained during the afternoon reception in Kuala Kangsar, which was held at the bride's parents house.
The next day, Sunday April 30th, it also rained during the afternoon reception at the dewan (hall) and again during the dinner reception at the Penang Golf Resort, both receptions organized by the groom's parents. Talk about hujan rahmat... *wink*

There will be another wedding reception for family and friends in KL next week.
I wonder if it'll rain on that day... hee hee hee.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Losing Focus

Working the graveyard late night shift (again).

Clammy hands.
Oily T-zone.
Red and watery eyes. *blink blink*
Strained neck.
Numb fingers.
Poor tummy hungry for a snack.

No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain.

Time for a quick migration break.

Handwriting Personality Quiz

The results of your analysis say:
You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough.
You are diplomatic, objective, and live in the present.
You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!
You are self-confident and like to bring attention to yourself.


I think I will call it a night-lah.
Apparently the two mugs of steamy Nescafe did not help much. *yawn*

By the way, clickety-click here if you're interested to take the above handwriting personality test and find out what your handwriting says about you.


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