Monday, March 20, 2006

Dot Dot Dot

Aidiin's teacher called me up at the office on Wednesday morning last week to inform me that Aidiin has a fever, and was being extra-whiny and clingy and refused to eat or drink. They had sponge-bathed him (terima kasih yang tak terhingga, Cikgu!!) right before calling me up and that helped to bring his temperature down a bit.

Apparently that wasn't enough...

The Cikgu (teacher) found white spots just above his upper lip, and a few inside his mouth. And a few more not so obvious ones on his hands. *gasp* Cikgu panicked and called up Ibu at work... Errr... so, Puan, what did the doctor say last Monday?

I had taken Aidiin to see his paed on Monday evening because he was having his wheezing-phlegmy-cough and recurring fever since last week. Took him to a GP previously for 'early-detection' medication but somehow his condition worsened instead. Nak tak nak had to bring him to see Dr K (bukan Datuk K) before things got even worse. I seriously did not want to go through another pneumonia episode, no thank you.

Dr K's medicines seemed to work. The antibiotics had to be given since Aidiin's lungs were already infected. No need to get admitted? Alhamdulillah. So, back home we went, after his nebulizer, with four different medications to take every 8 hours.

Come Tuesday evening, his coughing fit subsided. But his fever was still on and off. On Wednesday morning at home, he appeared to be fine, no fever with minimal coughing. He was a bit weak but not on the clingy-whiny side. He was picking fights with his sister over that toy phone. So I had assumed that things were okay.

Oh, I forgot to mention that while all the above were happening, his Ayah, aka my significant half, is away on a business trip. The timing could not be worse.

Anyways, back to Wednesday's (emergency) phone call...

When Cikgu mentioned spots, Ibu panicked as well. I mean, who wouldn't be when you've read about kids in Sarawak dying because of the disease. On that Wednesday itself, there were cases reported in Kedah too.

Called up my Dad, briefly described what the teacher had said, then made arrangements to have Aidiin picked up from school. SMS-ed famyBoy about the going-ons, did not expect him to respond but he did, and replied that he would try to come home as soon as he could. I didn't want to trouble him or make him worry unnecessarily, but part of me was extremely glad and relieved that I will not have to go through it alone, so instead of telling him "It's okay, I can handle this... no biggie", I replied "Ok, c u. Hopefully very soon. Jangan lambat." Selfish kah diri ini? But somehow, knowing that he would be on his way home soon gave me confidence. Even the assurance that he was coming home gave me strength.

To cut a loooooong story short, the paed confirmed that it did not look like HFMD (yet) since there were no spots on his palms, or on the soles of his feet. He told me to watch out for outbreak of 'blisters with white spots in the middle' within the next few days, and if detected to bring him back immediately. And since the teachers were worried, Dr K further advised that it would be best to quarantine Aidiin at home for the next few days.

So I was at home the 2nd half of the week last week to take care of my son... a sick, extra-clingy, extra-whiny, extra-sensitive Aidiin, who demanded that "Bee-Booh" must NEVER EVER be out of his sight. Adoiiii.
One thing for sure, I'm glad that the spots were just some rashes possibly due to internal heatiness or allergy and not what the teacher and I had initially thought they were. But even if they *were* what the teacher and I had initially thought they were, I am still glad that they were detected and treated early before they became a risk.

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