Friday, January 27, 2006


While tucking Sofea to sleep last night...

Kakak dah baca doa?


Dah baca Fatihah?


Nak Ibu selimutkan ke?


Ok, hug and kiss goodnight. *lowers head to give left cheek*

Eh, tak nak kiss kat pipi. Nak kiss kat mulut.


Taaaakkk, kat dalam TV kan, dia buat macam ni... *tilts Ibu's head a bit to the left* Lepas tu dia kiss macam ni... *demonstrates kissing on the lips*

Errr... ok, tapi kalau Ibu dengan anak kan, kena kiss kat pipi. Kat dahi pun boleh.

Oh... *pauses to think*
Kalau dah kawin kena kiss kat mulut ke Ibu??

... *speechless*

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Explorer (and Friend)

Remember these two??

Sofea and 15" tall Dora getting ready for picture-taking session

The Dora Dress-Up Adventure doll comes with various outfits - Explorer, Beach, Ice-Skater, Baker, Vet, Fiesta, Birthday etc. Doll and outfits sold separately, of course. Each outfit comes with it's own adventure Travel Journal and accessories. Pretty cool, eh?

Now Ibu feels obligated to allocate a portion of her earnings to expand Dora's wardrobe every month.

Best buddies

Thank you Fisher-Price for making my daughter's day (and for making a bigger hole in my purse... ugh!).

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The CU Reunion Dinner

The weekend came and went as quickly as any weekend (or any break for that matter) could, despite my looking forward to it since last Monday. For one thing, it meant famyBoy returning from his trip, and that means I can delegate some of the parenting tasks to him like before Sofea will stop asking "Bila Ayah nak balik dari work?" (When will Daddy come home from work?) and Aidiin will stop standing at the top of the stairs looking down yelling "Ayaaaah? Ayaaaah?" (Dad? Dad?), probably expecting a "Ya, Ayah ada kat sini..." (Yes, I am down here...). Yup, they missed him lots, since both of them are Anak-anak Ayah.

Anyways, last Friday evening, famyBoy and I attended a reunion dinner at Intekma, Shah Alam. It was great meeting up with our college buddies after so many many years. It was also a good excuse for me to dress up and feel hot-gucci-glamorous after a looooong week.

I met my ex-roomies, all 3 of them lovely ladies. We had a wonderful time reminiscing our past experiences, current going-ons in our lives and talking about the future. We were told that we were a noisy group due to our non-stop chatting and laughing. Perghh! It's funny yet flattering that people still refer to us as The Townhouse Girls. Alllooo... Dah jadi Makcik-Makcik dah oiiii!!!. We enjoyed our errr... 20 seconds(?) of fame though.

The organizers put on a slide show of The College Years, so you could see pictures from "pre-digital age" as well. Very the 70s and 80s gitu. Geee... I had forgotten how cold it could get in Ithaca.

The food wasn't that bad, choice-wise that is. Overall okay-lah. The gathering was held at the pool area, with tables set up around the pool, buffet tables strategically placed, live band playing (ada karaoke lagi tu) and I couldn't help thinking that it's just like a typical melayu movie set up (I stereotype, I know...) where someone is bound to fall into the pool and the event would abruptly end. Tak kisah lah if this person fell in by accident, or was playfully manja-manja pushed in, or got in a fight with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or ex-spouse and during the argument one party decided to push the other into the pool. You say I imagined too much? Y'know, one of our seniors *almost* slipped and fell in when we were saying our goodbyes.

Of course, there were VIP alumni(s), aka the less rowdy quieter group, which I didn't feel too comfortable mingling with especially when I tend to run out of things to talk about. Note to self: Next time come prepared with questions and/or answers. I realize that a safe topic to bring up is how many and how old our kids are... that definitely kept conversations going.

All in all, it was a memorable Here-is-my-business-card-Can-I-have-yours-in-exchange evening, not so much about the food and place, but more about seeing who I wanted to see after all these years.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Fall

My little macho hero fell down the stairs at my in-laws on Jan 10 - on the morning of Eid-ul-Adha, when everyone else has gone for Eid prayers and I was busy attending to his sister in the bathroom. This accident-prone 18-months-old has again succeeded to totally freak me out with The Contender-like streaks of deep red blood that trickled along his left cheek, behind his left ear, along his neck, and onto his jammies. OHMYGOD, Aidiiiiiiiiiiinn!!!

The above picture was taken in front of the clinic (about 4 hours after the actual accident) before we brought him in to see a GP to check on the cut (which was about 0.5" long, slightly deep) and have it cleaned properly (my amateur use-cotton-with-Savlon method was probably not sufficient). The bleeding stopped (Alhamdulillah!) after the minyak gamat (sea-cucumber ointment?) was applied. Memang magic-lah minyak gamat ni. Anyways, the doctor took a look at the cut, cleaned it (with violent objections from Aidiin of course) and decided that it was better not to have it stitched because the procedure will be difficult to perform on a struggling baby and the end result could turn out ugly. But we must bring him daily to have the wound cleaned and gauze replaced etc. OK, fine with me. I am terrified of needles anyways. So Aidiin ended up with a wrap-around bandage, which only lasted a couple hours before he decided to rip it off his head and we had to periodically check to ensure the internal adhesive band-aid remained intact.

It's been a week now but the wound has not fully healed. Now, the previously non-visible bruises have emerged on his cheek, forehead, left eyelid, left corner of his nose and left eyebrow; a combo of purplish-yellow-brownish shade from the original blue-blackish color. And this week, I get to perform the (daily) dressing procedure at home by myself. Lucky me, I get to play the ER doctor. Sofea can be my assistant nurse. Good thing my parents are staying over at my place this week to accompany us while famyBoy is away.

I've learned a lot from my son these 18 months or so since he was born, than I've learned throughout my life. I thought I could fully understand from books or stories shared by others, but nothing can beat the real thing, i.e. when I experience it myself. Some of the things I fear most and hope never to happen to my kids have happened to my son, like the pneumonia episode, that accident with the iron, and now this fall. Please Aidiin, no more surprises, okay? Next time Ibu's poor heart may not be able to handle the shock.

Aidiin fell down the stairs while playing with his toy car. No, not them miniature ones, this is the type where you can sit on and pretend that you're the driver. I do not know how he fell or why he fell, because he was already lying on his back beside the car at the bottom-most step when he was discovered, crying uncontrollably. Blood was already flowing, there were even drops on the floor. To tell you the truth, I do not even want to imagine an alternative ending to this incident. I don't deny that accidents happen, but I'd like to think that on that day, Allah sent angels down to protect Aidiin during the fall (thanks Sayang for this assurance...). At this moment, I am thankful that my baby is still alive.


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