Saturday, December 24, 2005

Starting Over

***This was my first post in efx2blogs***

Arrrgggghhh!!! WHAT???!!! Another modblog downtime??!!

I don't know if this urge to move was triggered by the recent closure of two blogs that I frequent to, but ever since modblog started becoming inaccessible several times in the past, I have started to take precautions -- making sure my entries were backed up often and setting up a contingency blog elsewhere.

When modblog came back online on November 15th, I secretly hoped that it would be for good. I missed the community as much as I missed my pretty layout.

But today, modblog has disappointed me again.

It is time to say, "I've had enough!!"-lah.

It is time to start over...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Houston, We Have a Problem

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Repeat After Me

 photo aidiin_look_zps301de69a.jpg

*points to a flying bird outside window*
Aidiin! Look, bird!
bik bik bik! *claps*

*points to an aeroplane in the picture book*
A e r o p l a n e!
aaaapppei!! *points too and claps*

Ka-kak! (sister)
aaaa-taakk! *grins and displays frontal teeth - a total of seven and a half teeth altogether*

*points to lamp*

*points to famyBoy walking to the bathroom*
note: this was perfectly spoken, correct intonation, pitching langsung tak lari and all.

Hmmmm... what else?

*points to Sofea's soft toy, Zack the Cat*
C A T!!
tatt!! tatt!! *claps and giggles*

*beams with anticipation*

*blank stare*
I-bu!!! Aidiin? Say I-bu!!!
aaa-yah! *innocent look*

aaa-yah! *innocent look*

No sayang, say Eeeee-boooo!!
aaa-yah! *innocent look*

Eeeee-boooo!-lah... *hmmmpphh budak ini*

aaa-yah! aaa-yah! aaa-yah! aaa-yaaaahh! *claps claps claps*


We'll try again next time okay?

aaa-yah! aaa-yah! aaa-yah! aaa-yaaaahh! *claps claps claps and runs off happily*


Monday, December 19, 2005


This time I did not forget my camera... heh heh.

Malaysian Modbloggers' 3rd Gathering - FRIM - December 18, 2005

When we arrived at FRIM, the weather was just nice, not too humid, not too hot, not too sunny-bright... a bit on the cloudy side but what mattered the most was it was quite cooling for 11:30ish AM coming noon. My sis-in-law kiutmiut and elisataufik brought tikar mengkuang (screwpine mats) while berrybear brought his sleeping bag. We chose a fairly clean and flat area, with a few kerenggas (they are called fire ants, no?) here and there, and big shady trees all around as our picnic spot. Once the mats were laid, the food was taken out and everyone (who did not have a baby to carry or a toddler to chase after) started eating immediately.

mmmm... yum yum yum

Can I have some Mamee Monster, please? Pretty please?

The kids ran off exploring, while the adults chatted, laughed at bertique's kambing (goat) stories and ate. Despite not having a ball to play with or a frisbee to toss around (we should definitely remember to bring these next time-lah), the kids managed to keep themselves entertained throughout. Sofea and Anis played 'fishing' using a long twig as a fishing rod. Then Sofea and Ihsan ran around in circles, behind trees, over the tree-stump... very the Bollywood, I must say. Bear and his honeybunch diah practiced being parents kept themselves occupied by keeping one of kiutmiut's twins (the baby girl) amused. The other twin was mostly in deep sleep throughout the picnic, oblivious to his surroundings.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

We didn't go to the waterfalls because we were too lazy to walk there because it suddenly started to rain, although not pouring heavily. Raindrops were still thingys of concern when you have two 3-month-old babies, a toddler, four kids and a pregnant Bonda around. Moms with babies/kids ran to their respective cars while the men helped to load the other stuff into the respective car boots. The short but sweet gathering ended rather abruptly but not without everyone agreeing to a last convoy to drive around the area, to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the preserved forest, far from the busyness and chaos of city life.


Y'know, this may sound corny, but after meeting, bonding, sharing and laughing with the same people for three consecutive get-togethers, these people have started to feel like family (apart from kiutmiut who *is* family), and not just members of a blog community.

Saya sayang kamu, tau!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

One Glittery Night

"We have a kenduri kahwin (wedding) to attend this Saturday, tau!", he said.

I was informed about this on Thursday evening. Ok, biasalah tu. In my head I was already thinking of what my mom would ask for upah to babysit my kids since she and my dad would have to compensate their afternoon nap to entertain the kids while we attend this kenduri.

What my Mr Darling failed to disclose earlier was:
- it is a wedding DINNER at the PWTC
- where there will be many VIPs (as the bride is a daughter of a Datuk)
- and among the VIPs are the Agong and Permaisuri (King and Queen) themselves!

Oh no Oh no Oh no!!! What to wear?? What to wear?? Typical wardrobe-panic attack.

When in doubt (especially when budget is limited and I could not afford to buy a spanking new outfit), I learnt that it is best to go for a plain, formal conservative color -- so I chose my brown satin abaya, worn over a black camisole-dress thingy, with a black lip-lap-merlip-merlip tudung (glittery, sequined shawl/scarf) to match. Some may think it is a bit too simple for a big event, but comfort was my priority, so I think I made a wise selection. I could've donned my embroided baju kurung from Raya (to play safe) but I didn't want to blend in too much now, do I? Hot gucci mama musti maintain vogue, no? hee hee hee. famyBoy wore his gold Batik shirt, and I think it was quite a good sedondon match.

I initially thought the ceremony was in the PWTC building itself, but as it turned out it was held across from the building, across the river, at the big area where they had the KL autoshow a couple months back. I had to walk a good 15 minutes from the carpark, in high heels some more. Aduh! My poor feet. But I was quickly awed-mesmerized to see the place beautifully decorated to resemble a hotel ballroom. One would not even think about the warehouse-like original setting where the auto show was held previously. If I had my camera with me that night I would be snapping away like a jakun. The theme color for the event was turqoise-blue and white, that even our drinks (which tasted like lime) was turqoise-blue in color.

The bride and groom, dressed in turqoisey blue attires, both looked lovely and happy, but I can imagine how exhausted they must feel. I have 'been there done that', and although all you were expected to do was sit and smile and look pretty throughout, believe me it was still a very tiring task. I later found out from the slide show presentation they had about the bride and groom's childhood prior to their courting days that the bride is a cousin of one of the lady ministers in the government. Ohh... patutlah...

The VIPs arrived pretty much on time, and the King and Queen too, and other Datuks and Datins. We still had to wait until they were seated at their VIP seats and until the merenjis ceremony was over before being allowed to starting to indulge in the food.

The food was delicious and the guys at our table asked for second helpings, my guy included. At the main table, the bride and groom had to be seated separately since the King and Queen were seated in the middle. Kesian Raja Sehari takleh main suap-suap manja.

Entertainment-wise, there were live singing and music performances by the PDRM Combo. One of the emcees for the night was that lady in Majalah Tiga (what was her name? Azlina?). There was also this guy who performed music pieces using the angklung (an instrument made of bamboo) which I thought was pretty cool.

Finally it was time to leave, and of course following the protocol, the VIPs get to leave the place first before us commoners. People were starting to make their way to the back door (exit) so naturally famyBoy and I followed. I tried my best to identify who's who while trying catch a glimpse of the passing VIPs. Errr... actually kan, I was looking at the (sure mahal giler) lovely attires the Datins were wearing and their accessories (yes, the jewellery!), and the glitter-glitter purses that they were carrying. Good thing I didn't bring my huge makcik handbag along.

We were then ushered to stand closer to close the gaps, then people started pushing and pushing, and whaddayaknow I ended up being in the front row of bystanders near the red carpet. I must've blushed like a little girl when the King passed by and shook my hand, followed by the Queen, who ended up shaking my hand too. *cheap thrill*

I wish I wish I wish I had pictures as proof to share. Oh well... I guess you'd just have to take my word now, dontcha?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Daulat Tuanku

The one time I had the opportunity to rub shoulders bersalam-salaman (shake hands) with The King and Queen... and I did not have a camera.

*slaps self on the forehead*

Luckily I have photographic memory. Yayy me.

Monday, December 12, 2005

In Sickness and In Health

You'd think I'd be enthusiastically updating my other blog now that MB is semi-stable... 'semi' because although my preeeeetty layout is back (woo hoooo!!!) I think the statistics counter is still going cuckoo. Ms. Nectar noticed this too.

Anyways, the reason I have not been updating and visiting my blogger buddies as I would normally do is, simply put, because I am busy. Lame-kah reason ini? Ya, memang lame. But I kid you not. I have been very occupied, with life, inside and outside of work.

If only you knew how much I itched to blog (and to procrastinate)... *sigh*

It started with Aidiin getting sick the previous weekend, having similar symptoms as gartblue's kids, i.e. throwing up like nobody's business. Nothing stayed in, not even water. And what made it worst was he also had diarrhea. You could say he was purging, from 'up' and 'down', the whole time. I had to take emergency leave to take care of him at home till he recovered.

To make sick matters sicker, I was not feeling well myself, with the sniffles and the coughing and the sore throat (which for some reason became aggravated during night time), but fortunately I was not puking all the time.

Later in the week, Sofea fell sick too, exhibiting similar symptoms as her brother, only that she had very high fever as well. At the same time, there was this biiiiig, high-profile issue at work, one that involved top-level management (and their bosses), hourly conference calls, exchanging of nasty comments and/or accusations, through emails and otherwise.

Arrrghhhh!! On the one hand, I had a sick daughter who needed my TLC. On another, there were meetings that required 'verbal bullet-proof jackets' that needed my participation. The timing could not be more wrong.


I chose my daughter's well-being over work matters. As hesitant as I was, I had to ask for another day away from the office, so my trustworthy colleague had to fight the (still ongoing) battle on his own.

And that is why my blog-related activities dan aktiviti-aktiviti lain yang sewaktu dengannya had to be put on hold.


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