Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Counting My Blessings

In case you're wondering why I have not been updating for some time...

The Week of Pneumonia - Pantai Medical Centre - October 24-29, 2005.

A hell of a week it was for both mother and child...

Thank you all for your doa(s), hospital visits, both real and virtual hugs, phone calls/emails/SMS-es well-wishes, comments in my CBox and in bertique's thoughtful entry... very-very much appreciated.

*hugs everyone back*

Wishing all Muslims visitors Eid Mubarak!

Can't believe it is the last day of Ramadhan already. To those driving back to your hometowns, have a safe and pleasant trip balik kampung, and most importantly, have FUN!!!

Mohon maaf zahir batin atas segala salah-silap sepanjang perkenalan kita. May Allah's blessings be with us on this glorified day.


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