Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ironed Out

My mother wanted to blog about this earlier but she didn't have the time nor the mood. For the sake of the story, this entry will be narrated by me, Aidiin. *waves Hi to everyone*

We were invited for a foursome birthday celebration cum dinner at the Hotel Singgahsana on Sunday evening to celebrate the August babies in the family -- Aidiin (that's me!!), my grandma, my aunt and uncle. Naturally we all wanted to look our best, so Ibu had picked out our what-to-wear-to-nice-family-events items hours before the dinner.

While Ibu was busy ironing the chosen clothing items, my curious self decided to find out how Ibu's Nescafe looked like (and maybe taste it a bit), and why Ibu is so addicted to it. So I tipped the mug-full of Nescafe which was conveniently placed within my reach, and the mug of (Thank God it wasn't steaming hot anymore) Nescafe spilled on the floor and onto the carpet. The next thing I remember was Ibu's panicky voice screaming my name... "Aidiiiiiiinn!!!!! Noooo!!!!"

Ooopps... sorry, Ibu. But it's no use crying over spilt Nescafe. If I could, I would make you another mug. Don't worry, don't worry, shh shh shh... I'm okay, I'm okay. I just smell caffeine-y now, that's all. Okay, you can let go of me now, Ibu.


Ibu's scream woke Kakak and Ayah up, and both of them came running out of the bedroom to see what the fuss was all about. I noticed that Ibu was still upset and angry... I don't think she cared too much about the spilt coffee. She sounded like she was angry at herself for not placing the mug wayyyyy higher so that I could not reach it. She asked Ayah to help clean up the mess while she went to get my porridge.

Hmmm... let's see... what can I do now?

*curiouser and curiouser*

Now where's that green thingy that Ibu used just now? It looked like a toy plane or maybe a bullet train. Ahh.. there it is. Oh, what's this long rope-like thing that's attached to it? I wonder what'll happen if I give it a strong, firm tug...



I heard Kakak scream for Ayah. I heard Ibu's footsteps running up the stairs. I saw Ayah rushing into the room to pick me up. Then Ibu started talking non-stop, I think it was something about an iron? Was that the thing that had hit my foot?

Oh oh... I think I'm in BIG trouble...

My foot a few hours after the accident

My swollen foot the next day, after the skin had peeled off

I was sent to school on Monday since Ibu and Ayah felt that the burn was not too bad-looking and since I didn't make a big fuss out of it by crying uncontrollably. Come Monday evening however, the burn looked really gross since the skin had peeled off (I had peeled it off myself, mind you) and Ibu freaked out when the teacher passed me to her. Ayah decided to take me to the clinic right away because Ibu was saying that the burn area might be infected.


The doctor gave Ibu medical leave on Tuesday so that she could stay home to look after me. I was given antibiotics to help reduce the pain and to make my foot go back to it's original size (it was swollen, you see). Ibu was also told to apply some cream on the scar 3 times a day. I wanted to touch and find out how the cream tasted like, but Ibu grabbed my hand and scolded me.


Oh well...

It's Independence Day for Malaysia today. Ibu and Ayah need not go to work since it's a public holiday and Kakak and me get to stay home too since our school is closed. Happy 48th Birthday Malaysia!!

Last but not least, a little advice from me to you... Never mess with a hot iron right after you spill your mom's coffee. I am talking from experience. It never brings you any good, believe me.

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