Friday, July 29, 2005

Zooming In

Look who's walking now...



Aidiiiiiiinnn??? Mam-mam!!!

*stands up and attempts to walk*
Ibu?? Are you in there, Ibu?? No??

(excited) Oh, oh... Aidiin, come, come, walk to Ibu. Come on, Sayang. You can do it.
*runs off to grab camera*

*mutters under breath*
Left, right, left, right, left, right... I can do this. I can do this.

Come closer, Aidiin. Come on... Good boy!!

*shuffles feet*
Hold on Ibu, I'll be there soon...

That's it!! Come on closer.

*shuffles feet faster*
Oh no, now I can't stop! Ibu, help!!!

Eh, eh, careful, careful!! Not too fast. Stop! Stop!!

Ooooppsss... Too close!!! Too close!!!


Mam-mam: (baby talk) an indication that food is available or it's time to eat.

Monday, July 04, 2005

(My) Little Red Car

Hi!! My name is Aidiin. Let me introduce you to my favorite book.

It is not only a good reading material (read: it's storyline is short enough to ensure Ibu is still awake at the end of the book when she reads it to me before bed), but it is also a great teether toy, guaranteed to soothe my itchy gums. This chewing exercise also allows me to practice my sense of taste (and sense of hearing when Ibu starts to yell telling me to stop).

It is also a good means for sibling bonding. My Big Sister likes to show off her reading skills enjoys reading the book to me to keep me entertained.

This little book is also a good medium for me to practice and apply my senses of sight and touch. Do you know that there's about a hundred touch receptors in each of our fingertips?

Snatched, bitten, chewed, thrown, dropped, dampened, kicked, folded, stained, stepped on, hugged, cellophane-taped and recellophane-taped... this wonderful little book has weathered it all.

You know, almost always, my dear Ibu would cringe ohno!ohno!ohno! at the sight of a book being tattered or creased or torn, but I suppose this book is an exception. (well, it's not her book to begin with...)

And perhaps someday I'll get to drive my own Little Red Ferrari Car. Would you like to join me for a ride? :)


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