Thursday, June 30, 2005


got kicap?

*kicap = sweet soy sauce

Monday, June 20, 2005

Small Talk

A conversation at Sofea's birthday party...

Why do you think Ibu made us dress up like this? And why are you wearing the purple ruffle crown thingy? And the feathers just now?? Sheesh.

Hey, I look good what... I'm like a 'vogue' Bubbles, you know. Besides it's MY superheroes birthday party. Don't be so jealous...

Well, I think I look ridiculous. And on top of that, Ibu forgot to bring my shoes, of all things. Now I have to go barefooted. How can I be a superhero without my shoes?

Shhh... don't talk... picture time! Just look at Ayah and SMILE!!!

I still feel that Ibu should've at least made an effort to remember my shoes. She remembered your purple crown and feathers. She remembered the cake, she remembered the camera, she remembered the party hats... how could she do this to me?

Chill lah Dude... It's ok, you don't need your shoes. You cannot walk (yet) anyways. Plus, you're too tiny to be a superhero and you look too adorable in your party hat. I'm gonna go gossip with my girlfriends now. I think that Spiderman looks hot!! Bubbye Aidiin... See ya later!!

What? I'm wearing a hat? Who put this on my head?? Wait... where are you going? Don't leave me here alone!! Uuwaaaaaaa!!!! Ibuuuuu!!! Ibuuuuuu!!!

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Sofea's 4th Birthday "Superheroes" Party

A month overdue (sorry ya, Sayang!) but it was fun nonetheless...

Eh? Dari mana pulak datang superhero kenit ni? Saja nak enter frame-lah tu.


The party is over

The tired but ecstatic birthday girl... Happy Birthday, Kakak! :D

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Good Night, Sleep Tight


"Goodnight dear Stegosaurus, Goodnight dear T-Rex, Goodnight dear Plateosaurus, Goodnight dear Diplodocus, Goodnight dear Apatosaurus, Goodnight dear Pteranodon, Goodnight dear Saurolophus, Goodnight dear ... "

SOFEAAAA!!!! Time to sleep!! To bed, NOW!!!


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