Monday, May 30, 2005

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

Aidiin learned to clap his hands last weekend. *thrilled*

All these times when I sang Tepuk Amai-Amai (a traditional Malay clap-your-hands song) and encouraged him to imitate my clapping, he'd be either waving his hands in the air or patting his thighs or any other object nearby, because he simply cannot make his right hand and left hand meet. Adorably cute to watch for Ibu, but probably frustrating for him.

But last Saturday morning, out of the blue, he just put his hands together and made a big CLAP CLAP CLAP sound.

And since then, he's been happily applauding to Tepuk Amai-Amai (and other random tunes).

Unstoppable, he is. I caught him clapping his hands even in his sleep.

The Bad

Sofea went MIA again, like last time. Only this time it was at the biggest airport in Malaysia!

famyBoy and I (with Aidiin in his stroller) were taking the escalator up to the KLIA Departure halls when I heard an announcement on the intercom...

"Seorang kanak-kanak perempuan bernama Sofea telah dijumpai. Di minta ibubapa kepada kanak-kanak ini datang ke Kaunter Penerangan untuk mengambil anak anda."
(A little girl by the name of Sofea has been found. Will the parents kindly present yourselves at the Information Counter to claim your child.)

It didn't sink in my head at first. I mean I listened (and paid close attention to) those kind of announcements many times before. At first I thought I had imagined hearing "Sofea" but it suddenly occured to me... OUR Sofea??!!!

You see, Sofea went to the airport earlier with my in-laws (mom, dad, sis+her husband, bro), in my father-in-law's car. We were a couple minutes behind. We were going to send my parents-in-law off to perform their Umrah.

As it turned out, it was OUR Sofea. Apparently, she'd run off (supposedly following my parents-in-law to the Money Changer counter) but got lost in the midst of the so very many people.

She was in the arms of my brother-in-law when we arrived, in tears, and she didn't want to give us any eye-contact. She probably knew we were furious not very happy.

We were definitely thankful that she'd been found, but we were very upset. I mean, you'd expect such a thing to happen once in the life of a super-active child, but not twice in one year!! What if it hadn't been a civilised person that had found her? What if it had been some sicko that was lurking around the airport area looking for kids to kidnap, hurt, rape, murder? I am not over-imagining because these things really did happen, and not just in the movies or mystery novels.

I couldn't thank Allah SWT enough for keeping my daughter safe.


famyBoy said that he is hesitant to allow Sofea to go out on her own in future, as in with others (as in without our presence). Perhaps until she is old wise enough to be wary of her surroundings.

It's not so much about who she'd be following... we just cannot trust her (Sofea) yet.

The Ugly

It's school holidays in Malaysia this week. We were supposed to be on another roadtrip but Aidiin got sick (and he still is at the mo).

Then famyBoy was summoned called by the Angsi folks in Terengganu, to be there (offshore) for the entire week. Lots of reshuffling and cancellation of plans had to be done.


A single parent, I will be, until my darling husband returns. *draws a very sad smiley*

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Happy Mother's Day, Ibu!

I wanted to post this earlier but I had forgotten because I was too caught up in the organizing and uploading of the Roadtrip pictures.


Sofea made me this Mother's Day card at her school the other day.

When she handed me the card on Mother's Day 2005, she was all smiley-smiley and blushing. I had told her that I would not accept it unless she gave me a hug first.

She immediately hugged me and gave me kisses on my left cheek, right cheek, forehead, chin and the tip of my nose.


I then asked her why she drew a picture of me without hands.

"Cikgu kata tak payah lukis tangan," she replied. (The teacher said no need to draw the hands.)

I think I've never looked prettier.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Happiness is Packaged in the Form of a SOFEA

She is the sweetest, friendliest, talkative-est, funniest, most passionate, most stubborn determined and persistent, smartest and complex little girl I have ever met. Love her, and she will love you back a hundred times more. Hug her, and she will hug you back till you're forced to tell her to let go. Engage her in small talk, and you'll end up playing tea party with her. Make her a promise, and she'll make sure she'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants, when she wants it. Show her a bloody and swollen-lipped Aidiin, and she'll burst into tears.

She is Aidiin's favorite (fun) older-than-me person. His face would light up when she enters the room. He would burst into laughter when she sings, claps or laughs with/at him. He would grin gleefully at the mention of "Kakak" (Big Sister) and "Mana Kakak??" (Where's your Big Sister?) would make him look around the room searching for her.

She is Ayah's little girl. She'll refuse to go to sleep unless Ayah tucks her in and lies beside her until she falls asleep. Sometimes they end up falling asleep together, sharing one pillow some more. They have a love-hate-anger-love relationship, and they share a special bond that they probably do not even realize. I can see where she gets her stubborn-ness. I can see where she gets her inclination towards music and computers. I can see the him-ness in her.

She is Ibu's pride and joy. She never fails to make Ibu amused with her antics and wit. She drives Ibu crazy all the time, but she always turns to Ibu when she has a cut, scrape, bruise or mosquito bite. Or when she needs yu-yee oil to be rubbed on her tummy. Because she is alert and attentive, more often than not, Ibu trusts her with Aidiin more than Ibu trusts Ayah.

She is 4 years old today.

It was a bright, sunny Sunday morning, the day she was born. I remember seeing the sunlight reflected off the leaves of a tree branch near the delivery ward window while I waited for my obgyn to arrive... while I was enduring my contraction pains.

At exactly 11:58 AM May 13, 2001, she was brought into this world. Coincidently, that particular day was the 2nd Sunday in the month of May.

Nur Addina Sofea was my first ever Mother's Day gift.

Happy 4th Birthday, Kakak!!
Lots and lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses from Ibu, Ayah and Aidiin.

psst... Sayang, Ibu would like to apologize to you for the following:
- for not having/making the time to plan for your party at school.
- for not buying you your birthday gift (yet).
- for scolding you last night (although Ayah did most of the yelling) but you shouldn't have banged the bedroom door and thrown the green toy truck on the floor like that. It made a lot of noise and woke Aidiin up. And obviously, you are not allowed to break the "cannot watch DVDs and play computer games on school nights" rule, even if you did complete the 104-pieces puzzle all by yourself.

...and here are Ibu's corrective actions:
- already decided on a tentative date, and have some thoughts on the theme, party favors etc.
- already found you a perfect gift. Ibu has to 'special order' this, so you might receive it a bit late, but it's okay kan? It's the thought that counts.
- tonight (Friday) is not a school night (Yes, sebab esok Sat-tur-dayyy, esok cuti, Sayang) so you can play the Finding Nemo game as long as you want. AFTER we sing you your Happy Birthday song and cut your Happy Birthday cake ok?


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