Friday, April 22, 2005

The Date

The night before...

Where are we going tomorrow?


I'll be on leave tomorrow lah. We're supposed to go on a date remember?

Oh. Err.. yeah. Okay.

You forgot, didn't you? *pouts*

No I did not. I thought you cuti Friday. (I thought you're taking leave on Friday.)

No, esok. Friday nanti you nak solat Jumaat. (No, tomorrow. You'll have Friday prayers on Friday.)


So, what are we going to do? Where are we going?

Errr... dunno yet.



When I take leave out of the blue, to go for a date, it does not mean the typical dinner/lunch and a movie sort of thing. My definition of a date normally means time off to 'catch up' on errands, some grocery shopping, lepak-lepak at MPH, have a good long lunch... without any shhh-ing, hissing, eye-glaring, voice-raising-cum-warning, squirming-cum-wrestling, or if necessary, pinching. Not to mention lots of drool and crumbs and stains.

I initially wanted to just spend time at home. Maybe have breakfast together after dropping the kids off at school. Do banking stuff if necessary, then return home and do a bit of house chores here and there, then just spend the whole day together. Watch a DVD ciplak movie, take a nap, just lazing around until it's time to pick the kids up from school. Basically just rest & relax, at the comfort of our own home, enjoying each other's company. Me in my T-shirt lusuh and kain batik. Very comfy!

famyBoy had other plans, apparently. He was looking forward to have the day off, but he wanted to also try reducing some (if possible) of his To Do/Buy items on his list at the same time. Killing one/many birds with one stone. Since I didn't have anything urgent planned (apart from dying for a break from the routine), I left it to him to lay out our activities for the 'date' this time around.


In the car on D-day...

The other day you said you wanted to eat sushi. You still want to eat sushi? We can have sushi for lunch.

Yeah, sure. Errr...where are we going actually??

You'll see. *grins*

Huh? *full of suspense, but excited*

You tak pernah pergi tempat ni. (You've never been to this place.) But I have a feeling you'd really really like it.

Oh, really?? *giggles*

My husband brought me here. And he was right, I did really really like it.

Thank you for the wonderful time, Love. :) *Muahhhhsss*


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