Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My Cat Misha

I don't actually have anything much to blog about today (or yesterday, for that matter). Been spending lots of quality time with Aidiin and dreading the fact that he's going to be a month old this weekend (time sure flies by fast when you're out of office!) so that means I'll have to return to work in less than a month... sheesh.

Anyways, this post is for another cat-lover-online-buddy of mine, coz she wanted to see how my cat Misha looks like.

Misha, the Pr1nce$s, was my 22nd birthday cum I'm-going-home-but-I'll-see-you-when-you-go-back-for-the-holidays present from a certain someone. *wink*

Misha turned 8 years old last May 7th. I haven't been spending much time with her coz I was pregnant with Aidiin, so my husband assumes responsibility of the following tasks for the past 9 months or so:
1. ensure Misha gets clean water and enough food (cat biscuits) daily
2. ensure Misha gets fed with canned food once a week
3. ensure Misha is bathed once a month
4. ensure Misha has a clean litterbox, so check every 2 or 3 days


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