Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Day Out

I missed posting yesterday because I was out... S H O P P I N G!!  (woo hoo hoooo!!)

Confinement period officially ended last Sunday, so as of 4:25 PM Sept 26, I am a 'free' woman... (woo hoo hoooo!!! (again))

We brought Aidiin to One Utama for his first day out 'to see the world', but he slept throughout Ibu's shopping spree... but what else can you expect from a 6 weeks old baby, eh? Poor famyBoy couldn't walk too much coz he had a sprained toe so he just sat at the side bench in Jaya Jusco with Aidiin asleep in his stroller.

I was practically everywhere. First I went to redeem gift vouchers from the Customer Service Counter, where I found out that I had some Jusco reward points expiring in December. So, I spent some time browsing the J-Card member catalogue to see what I could acquire in exchange for them reward points. After a while, I decided on a Baby Play Mat with Animal Sounds (sounds like a fun thing to get for Aidiin) that was equivalent to 7000 reward points, so I filled up the necessary particulars in the redemption form and was told that I'll be notified once the item is available (about 2-3 weeks time). Cool.

Then I went to the Kids/Babies section to look for baby clothes. This was the actual FUN part! Good thing there was a Sale going on coz otherwise I'd be spending way too much. There were quite a number of selections to choose from. Unfortunately, most of the stuff were for girls. My choice of clothes for baby boys were limited to nothing with lace, nothing with ribbons, nothing with cute bunnies or teddies or froggies in pink, nothing frilly, nothing with cute little pockets, nothing in red polka dots and nothing flowery. I ended up getting Aidiin two coveralls - one in blue and red stripes with a teddy printed at the front, and the other in white with a picture of Baby Mickey & Baby Minnie in the front. Also got him pajamas in green, yellow and blue, and two pairs of baby socks. The queue at the cashier was too long (good excuse for me to wander some more) so I made my way to the baby accessories section where I grabbed two baby rattles (not them hard ones, these are made of the soft material used to make soft toys) -- a round one with a smiling sun on one side and a sleeping moon on the other, and the other one is in the shape of a little blue pony (this one's cute!!). Did not forget to buy something for Sofea, too -- a pretty purple+pink flowers dress (which was on 50% discount!!), and a cute (absolutely girly) sling purse.

By the time I finished paying for the stuff, it was close to 1:00 PM and I was hungry. famyBoy and I decided to have lunch at Yoshinoya (a Japanese restaurant) where we both had the famous beef entree with miso soup *yumminess*
I then walked into Safe n Sound and found an adorable baby bedding set (consisting of a cot bumper, two bolsters, one small pillow, a comforter and a fitted sheet) which I couldn't resist buying for Aidiin coz it was at a 'reasonable' member's price (that was my 'value for money' justification to famyBoy when he asked "Why buy this?").

We later performed our prayers at the prayer room nearby and then left for Pantai Medical Center for Aidiin's 4:30 PM appointment with Dr Kamaruddin.

After Dr Kamarudddin, we went to pick Sofea up from school and just as we were leaving, elisataufik arrived to pick up her kids. *waves at Elisa* We chit chat for a bit while Elisa waited for her kids to come out and afterwards, we 'crashed' at my mom's place for dinner.

We arrived home at about 9:00 PM; with Aidiin asleep in my arms, Sofea half-asleep but still insisted on watching the Playhouse Disney channel on TV before brushing her teeth and going to bed, famyBoy complaining about his sprained toe and his outstation trip again this week (this time he'll be going offshore *sob* *sob*), and me feeling tired but extremely pleased with the stuff I'd bought (I am suddenly being reminded of Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic novels as I am writing this), and the fact that I got to drink Nescafe with my breakfast... life's little pleasures.

Looking forward to the trip to the MidValley Megamall tomorrow, a day bound to be filled with lots of fun, credit card-swiping activities... :)

Friday, September 24, 2004

Isn't it ironic, dontcha think?

Aidiin will be 6 weeks old tomorrow... meaning I'd be going back to work in about 2-3 weeks time... sheesh.

Hmmm... but the irony is that I'll probably have more time to blog once I'm back at work. *giggles*

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Missing Him

It has been a quiet morning so far. Aidiin woke up at 6:30 AM for his feeding, then went back to sleep. Sofea's gone to school.

I'm feeling kinda bored... and lonely.

famyBoy left for Terengganu yesterday. So it's just me and the kids till late tomorrow night. Oh, but my parents will be spending the night here tonight, so that ought to liven the environment up a little.

It's funny when you start missing your other half like crazy the minute he walked out the door, although you know he'll be gone for not too long (I consider 2 nights away as "not too long" coz he's been away before for days/weeks when he had to go offshore to work... oh my, those moments were torture!!) It's probably the thought that he won't be back today with roti canai at 11:00 AM, that he won't be in the other room working while I read or watch TV or blog or breastfeed Aidiin, that he won't be walking into the bedroom to chit-chat during his break from work, that he won't be around to laugh with me when there's something funny on TV or share the excitement and suspence watching the Amazing Race finals, and that I won't see him fast asleep next to me when I wake up in the middle of the night to wake him up coz Aidiin needs a diaper change, for these 2 days.

It's funny when you 'automatically' forgive and forget about all the arguments you had earlier the minute he kissed you goodbye, and that it no longer mattered that all the clothes got wet from the rain because he forgot to bring in the laundry before he went out to have his car serviced, that he bought you salted cashews when you specifically asked for honey roasted almonds (because he thought you meant *any* nuts), that he accidentally dropped and broke one of the plates from your purple flowers set so now you're left with 11 plates of that kind instead of a complete dozen, that he forgot to deposit your money into the bank account on time so you *might* end up having a bounced cheque (*grrrrr*), and that he forgot to replace the mosquito repellent mat for the vapouriser electric heating unit the night before which resulted in Aidiin having two mosquito bite marks on his forehead.

I guess I miss him extra much this time because I have been spending my time at home throughout this maternity leave (where he works), so his absence is strongly felt.

But I know I'm not alone... Sofea misses him too. She's always been Ayah's Little Girl, and their father-daughter relationship had gotten even stronger since I got pregnant with Aidiin. Sofea asked me where her Ayah (Daddy) was last night and I told her he had to work. famyBoy normally tucks her to sleep and keeps her company till she dozes off. They listen to Bon Jovi's Bounce CD and sing along to the songs together in the car on the ride to and from school. So although she may not know how to express her true feelings yet, I know she misses her dad, each time she asks "Ayah mana? Sofea nak Ayah." (Where's Daddy? I want Daddy.)

*glances at clock in laptop's system tray*
*sneaks a peek at Aidiin and notices his little lip twitching*

Aidiin's gonna wake up soon... so I'm gonna stop here.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Phone Call on Saturday Morning

*phone rings*

Me: Hello??
The caller: Hello.. is this Material Metal?
(I didn't quite get the first word, but it sounded like Material)
Me: Who?
The caller: Is this Material Metal?
Me: No. Sorry... wrong number.
The caller: You're not in charge of Material Metal?
Me: No.
The caller: Wrong number? But they say this is the number for Material Metal.
Me: *getting irritated* Well, they are wrong because it is not. This is a house. You've got the wrong number.
The caller: Is your father home?
Me: My what?!!
The caller: Can I speak to your father?
Me: *what the??* Why do you want to speak to my father?
The caller: Is he in charge of Material Metal?
Me: No, he's not. He doesn't even live here. I'm sorry, sir. You have got the wrong number.
The caller: He's not in charge...hmm... you know who's in charge?
Me: I don't know and I don't have ANY idea what you're talking about.
The caller: So... your father's not home??
Me: *lets out an irritated sigh*
The caller: Wrong number, eh?? Sorry.
Me: *grrrrrrr* Bye!

*hangs up phone*

Some people...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Cry Baby Aidiin

We brought Aidiin to see Dr Kamaruddin at PMC for his Hepatitis A shot yesterday afternoon. There weren't anyone else there so we didn't have to wait at all. I placed Aidiin on the weighing machine, which then read 4.4 kg. Oh boy... my baby is growing fast and getting heavier by the day :)

The doctor then prepared the needle to administer the shot (to be given at Aidiin's left thigh). Aidiin got all squirmy and wriggly, so I told famyBoy to firmly hold him (I didn't want to do it myself since my hands felt weak) so that the doctor can do his work. I, of course, looked away... helpless, anxious, panicky.

And then Aidiin howled... really, reaaaallly loud!!! *roll eyes*

famyBoy was saying how un-macho Aidiin was compared to his sister coz Sofea just made a little 'erkk' sound (like surprised) and nothing else when she was his age and got her shot. I carried Aidiin up to comfort and calm him down, but couldn't help smiling, coz I partially agreed with famyBoy.

My son, The Cry Baby...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sofea's Accident II

I made a mistake earlier in this entry. I thought the lower lip was bad, turns out the upper lip was even worse. I only found out today when I was feeding Sofea porridge for lunch.

Her lower lip still looked red and bruised (not so swollen now), but her upper lip is still very swollen. The inner part of the upper lip was badly cut and looked purple. I don't really know how to describe it, but I think when she fell, her two front teeth cut into the inner part of the upper lip, judging from the 'size of the purple', it appears to be quite a big 'chunk' of flesh. All the blood actually originated from there. As a matter of fact, the purple chunk looked pretty gross.

That was why this morning, me+her Ayah were puzzled when we found dried traces of blood around her lips and some on her t-shirt coz we know that by dinnertime last night, her lower lip had stopped bleeding. We didn't notice the much much bigger cut in the inner part of her upper lip.

I'm very proud of her, for she has been a 'strong girl' and a 'brave girl' and a 'big girl' about the whole experience. She even told me today that she's feeling better and therefore should be allowed to go to school tomorrow. She still looks different though... my poor Dear.

More importantly, I hope she did learn her lesson as I wouldn't want her to have to learn the hard (and painful!) way again.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Sofea's Accident

Sofea fell down yesterday and got her lips all bleeding and swollen. I don't really know how it started coz I was in the other room attending to Aidiin. I only found out after I got Aidiin to sleep and walk out of the room to errr... can't even remember what it was I wanted to do.

Anyways, as I stepped out of the room, I heard Sofea crying from her Ayah's 'office' (famyBoy works from home so we have one room sorta converted into his always messy office). I saw famyBoy almost done performing his Asar prayers, and Sofea was sitting beside him with tears in her eyes. She had one hand covering her mouth. I called her to me and asked why. She replied, "Sakit..." (painful). When I moved her hand aside, I saw BLOOD!!

*gasped and started to panic*

There was blood coming out of her mouth. And streaks of blood above her upper lip. And lots of tears, tears, tears.

Me: "Ayah!! She's bleeding!!"
famyBoy: "What?" *rushed out of room after folding his kain pelikat (sarong?)*
Me: Camna boleh berdarah ni??!!! (How on earth did this happen??!!)
famyBoy: I tengah sujud, dia lompat belakang I. Jatuhlah ni. Haaa, tulah, kan Ayah dah berkali-kali kata orang tengah sembahyang jangan kacau. (I was performing my solat and she jumped on me. She must've lost her balance and fell. *turned to look at Sofea* I've told you many times before not to disturb anyone performing their prayers.)
Me: But how could she land on her face? If she jumped on you, then shouldn't she fall backwards when you're getting up?
famyBoy: I don't know. I didn't notice. I kan tengah sembahyang... (I was praying at the time...)
Sofea: Sakiitt... (crying louder)
Me: It's ok, it's ok, sayang (darling)... jom kita cuci (let's go wash away the blood)

famyBoy and I led her to the bathroom, and while I went to grab a towel, famyBoy helped to clean the blood traces on her cheeks and hands. He managed to get her to rinse her mouth (with difficulties). I then helped Sofea change into another t-shirt (coz the one she had on has blood on it and had gotten wet from all the gargling and spitting). She was still crying, and feeling very sorry for herself (who could blame her).

I told her to lie down and rest. By then her lips were all swollen, her face slightly puffy and she looked like a different person altogether. I then noticed there was a tiny cut just under her nose, and it was still bleeding, so I told famyBoy to bring me some "minyak gamat" (sea cucumber oil) and a cottonbud. I slowly applied some of the minyak gamat around the cut area and a little bit on her lower lip. I think when she fell on her face, her front teeth cut into the lower lip (coz that's where all the blood came from) and the upper lip too got bruised coz she fell on her face *shudder* Luckily, she landed on the carpet instead of the tiled floor.

Sofea then fell asleep, tears still streaming down her cheeks. She was most probably in shock (so was I). I couldn't help myself and I started crying... *sniffles* Helmy tried to comfort me but at the same time reminded me that she needs to learn her lesson, unfortunately the hard way. I nodded my head in agreement, but I still couldn't help feeling very sorry for her. I lied down beside her, still a little bit shaken by the whole thing.

When she woke up afterwards, her face was no longer puffy but her lips were still red and swollen. She then wanted me to read her 4 books while I breastfed Aidiin, and I said okay. Anything to get her mind of her 'pain'. Then famyBoy came home with our dinner (he'd bought us chicken rice from the food court at Giant). I coaxed her into eating some rice with soup while she watched Finding Nemo on DVD (which explains why I had to miss Hugh Jackman doing the Lambada during the 2004 Tony Awards). When the movie was over, we all went into the room and famyBoy read to her some more until she fell asleep (actually famyBoy fell asleep first ;) but Sofea slept not long after that).

This morning, we decided not to send Sofea to school. So here I am, blogging, while my daughter, husband and son are still asleep :)

Some people might think I am making a big deal out of a small thing since accidents happen to kids all the time. Which I totally agree with, coz she's had tonnes of cuts and bruises and minor injuries from accidents at school, but those seemed like nothing compared to what happened yesterday. Being a mom, seeing my daughter in pain and in tears, with swollen lips and a puffy face, I guess all I could think of at the time was how I could 'undo' what had happened or endure the pain for her instead. I think all mommies (and perhaps even daddies, too) would feel the same...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My Cat Misha

I don't actually have anything much to blog about today (or yesterday, for that matter). Been spending lots of quality time with Aidiin and dreading the fact that he's going to be a month old this weekend (time sure flies by fast when you're out of office!) so that means I'll have to return to work in less than a month... sheesh.

Anyways, this post is for another cat-lover-online-buddy of mine, coz she wanted to see how my cat Misha looks like.

Misha, the Pr1nce$s, was my 22nd birthday cum I'm-going-home-but-I'll-see-you-when-you-go-back-for-the-holidays present from a certain someone. *wink*

Misha turned 8 years old last May 7th. I haven't been spending much time with her coz I was pregnant with Aidiin, so my husband assumes responsibility of the following tasks for the past 9 months or so:
1. ensure Misha gets clean water and enough food (cat biscuits) daily
2. ensure Misha gets fed with canned food once a week
3. ensure Misha is bathed once a month
4. ensure Misha has a clean litterbox, so check every 2 or 3 days


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