Monday, August 30, 2004

The Pantang Period

Today is my errrmm... 17th day of pantang [translated: confinement]. For the Malays, the confinement period is supposedly 44 days, which means I have like... errr... another 27 days to go. Sheesh.. that's like a whole month!!

Confinement period means no consumption of foods that can cause angin [translated: wind] or itchiness (especially at the stitches area), no drinking of icy stuff or stuff direct from the fridge (forget sirap bandung then), no eating chicken (yet), compulsory wearing of the bengkung (a long sash or something like a girdle to hold your tummy in place, i.e. uterus back in position), administering of the minyak urut (massage oil), and last but not least, wearing of socks.

I know there's a lot more stuff like the wearing of param and pilis (I don't know how these should be translated, but basically stuff that look like powdered herbs mixed with water which is put on forehead), bertungku (something like the hot water bottle, but this is actually a piece of iron rod(?) that's heated on the stove till warm then wrapped with cloth and placed on tummy, somewhat 'soothing' actually), and many more traditional practices which moi (considered 'modernized') do not know.

My diet has so far comprised of rice, with soup or curry (with beef, fish and/or potato) or daging masak kicap (beef in soy sauce), Jacobs Cream Crackers biscuits, mineral water, Horlicks, Milo, Quaker Oats and Nestum. I made famyBoy buy me a bag of Famous Amos No Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies, coz my mom said it's ok. Also had a plateful of Mama's spaghetti bolognaise last week.

Kak Ain (my masseuse) told me to "jaga makan and pantang and jangan lupa ikat bengkung" which I fully obliged except for the ikat bengkung part coz until now I still fail to 'wrap' myself up properly. So, I resorted to fulfill at least the minimum requirements of pantang, i.e. my diet and the wearing of socks.

*looks down at feet and suddenly realized that they are socks-free*
Darnit! I forgot to put my socks back on after going to the toilet just now (which was like 4 hours ago).

*puts laptop aside, reaches for socks and put them on*
*not feeling so guilty anymore except for the bengkung part*

Aidiin's asleep but he looks like he's gonna wake up anytime soon... so I'm gonna stop here and go eat some choc chip cookies before he does.


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